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Hi folks, Time for another venting I have this co-worker....granted, I love her to death...BUT....she is soooo flippin slow and often annoying. She keeps her patients awake alllllll... Read More

  1. by   IloveSnoopy
    I guess I should clarify......there were three nurses on and only two were needed....she had volunteered to go home on call.....she was supposed to leave when the night shift started at you can took her until 6:30am to leave....crazy, huh??? LOL
    luv snoop'
  2. by   Agnus
    I don't get it at least a coulpe of posters about this type of nurse say "she's a good nurse".

    Stop defending her. I am sure she is a perfectly nice and darling person. Very kind etc. That does not make her a good nurse. The behaviors you describe make her a very poor nurse. She is "nice" not a good nurse. In fact she is so "nice" that what you describe makes her an agrivation and that is NOT nice.
  3. by   smk1
    I am just remembering the student nurse when I had my daughter. MY baby was sick so she had to go to the nursery and this student nurse was so sweet but she was driving the other RN's nuts. she kept checking all the babies and waking them up to make sure they "don't die of SIDS!" my baby by the end of 1 week would cry when this student picked her up (must have got the smell down) anyway it was hilarious. She was just trying to do a good job but she was so anxious the babies got fussy around her.