Anyone ever moved from Arizona to Texas?

  1. Just curious if anyone has ever moved to Texas? I currently live in Arizona, but have some interest in Austin, Tx, and possibly thinking of moving this year or next (if the job market allows it). Wondering how you like it.
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  3. by   lifelearningrn
    Yes, when I was 6! lol Seriously, all I remember from Arizona was no green, lots of sand and hairy spiders. <chill> Austin is quite a beautiful area in Texas.. lots of hill country out that way. Austinites consider themselves somewhat a different breed, and are quite proud of that. It's a fun city with lots of live music and night life. And, they are probably the only liberal town in Texas. The cost of living there is higher than most of the state, but for good reason as it really is a little world of its own.
  4. by   silentRN
    Thanks for the reply! I currently live in Tucson which is fairly liberal. Tucson is actually a lot greener than phoenix. I've lived all over Arizona and some parts of California too. I'm ready to move on and see new things. This is the first time I have felt stuck in one place due to the job market. I am hoping that some opportunity may arise, and something in my heart keeps telling me to move out to Texas. Other cities that I had in mind where Seattle, Portland, and Denver. After spending 3 days trapped in Northern Arizona last week cause of snow, I've decided I don't want to live somewhere that gets cold ever again.

    Well, I'll keep an eye out. Sometimes doors open when we lease expect it.
  5. by   sweet_b
    I moved from Gilbert to Texas 6 years ago and I LOVE IT! I love the green, I love the big bacK yards, stable housing market, and it cools off at night. Lol!
  6. by   silentRN
    Quote from sweet_b
    I moved from Gilbert to Texas 6 years ago and I LOVE IT! I love the green, I love the big bacK yards, stable housing market, and it cools off at night. Lol!
    What hospital out that way would you recommend?
  7. by   sweet_b
    Ooooh missed your the DFW area it does get cold, at least in the 20's sometimes (it's not the norm but dies happen often) and we have been known to get snow (usually melts away by mid afternoon)
  8. by   lifelearningrn
    West Texas doesn't get that cold, so if Austin is what she has in mind, I don't think she has a lot to worry about as far as snow goes.

    I live in Houston, we have an excellent medical center here, and NASA, but other than that, I don't find this city much to write home about. My heart is telling me to move too.. hopefully after I'm done with school.

    I have Portland, Seattle, and even Colorado in my sights too! (Although I'm really feeling drawn to the Oregon coast..
  9. by   sweet_b
    Ha missed it again. I seen you work STICU, we have Parkland and Baylor in Dallas as level 1 trauma centers, if that's the routenyou're looking for. There is also Children's medical center and Cook's childrens if you are interested in that . I personally love the diversity of hospitals In our area. I am not to familiar with the hospitals in Fort Worth though, but I hear they have some great ones too.
  10. by   tryharder
    I live in Austin Texas and I would tell you that there is no other place I would ever want to live. It is a little more expensive to live in Austin than other areas because it is in high demand for housing. It really is a world of it's own like the poster commented. The good thing about Austin is that there are surrounding areas that you can live in that are considered out of Austin but are still considered in the same county, which causes your housing to be as cheap as just about anywhere in Texas and is only minutes away from austin.
  11. by   Orange Tree
    Austin is really awesome, but the job market is a little tighter there than it is in other Texas locations. The only other bad thing I can think of is the traffic. The traffic is horrible.
  12. by   Fourfecta
    I use to live in Abilene, TX. Everyone that i met while in Texas that was from Austin loved it...I hear it is the hippie city of Texas, as it is a big music town. Not sure about the current working market. If I moved to Texas, that is where I would want to move...not because I am a hippie but because it seems like a very easy going and fun city.
  13. by   lifelearningrn
    Ah- you're a hippie- just admit it. (j/k)