anyone else hearing what I am hearing?

  1. I talked to two old friends, one who left my old hospital before I did and another who left after me. They both told the same story. Conditions have improved, manditory overtime was banned except in extreme emergencies. In addition pay has improved and patient load has decreased slightly. The nurses are currently having no more than 6 patients on telemetry and 8 on med/surg. That is not ideal but it is better than the 8 on telemetry and 10 to 12 they were taking on med/surg when I left. One of my friends has already gone back and the other is contemplating going back. hummmm
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  3. by   BBFRN
    Could you possibly pick up a few agency shifts there to determine whether you really want to go back there or not? That's what I did when I went back to the hospital where I currently work. It gave me a realistic view of what I would be in for with a new (and much better) Nurse Manager.
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    WRH is paying $30/hr per diem. I worked at Select Specialty on Christmas Day and had 5 pts. I do believe they oringinally promised no more than 3-4. It wasn't too bad though. Some problems did exist with care, but can't put my finger on it.
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    I tried to PM you, but your mailbox is full. It's such a burden to be politically active and on target!

  6. by   oramar
    Four years ago the higher ups put a DON in place that had a history of being a sever cost cutter who tolerated a high turn over to achieve those means. Sometime in the last year this particular DON was demoted and more nurse frendly conditions were insituted. Anyway things have improved and some of the old people that where there for YEARS and YEARS before they were chased out by bad conditions are trickling back in to the place. This after spending millions on agency nurses. Oh well, we live and learn.