Anybody from Mississippi?

  1. Hey everybody! Second semester junior student here. I'm just a little confused.
    I've been watching WLOX and they're talking about this dire nursing shortage in good ole Mississippi.
    I work as a cna in a private hospital and do my clinicals in a large county hospital. Nurses are being called off left and right. I just really don't see evidence of a shortage.
    My problem is that I'll be graduating in 2 semesters. Where are the jobs? Traveling isn't an option unless it's to LA. I didn't come into nursing just to be assured a job. However, I do need to get two years of either ER or ICU under my belt to get into USA for the practitioner's program.
    Does anybody else from MS have this problem?
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    You don't see a shortage? What hospital are you be at? At my mom's hospital there have been almost 100 nurses quit this week because the Union is talking Mandatory overtime with management, they are "Speaking" for the nurses but they really aren't, all the nurses are against it, but the Union is talking for it.....although on the table is that ALL RNs in the hospital must take call and work the floors. That means all clinic and office RNs must get out on the floors and work overtime. They say they can't shut down any beds.

  4. by   Ortho_RN
    I am originally from MS, but now live in Arkansas.. Nurses get sent home here also, but it isn't due to TOO many nurses, it is due to low census with patients... If the hospital isnt packed, then they can't afford to keep all the nurses, so some go home... But that doesn't mean that nurses are getting pulled from their home floor to work on another.. It still happens.. And at this moment there are about 20 openings for RNs
  5. by   NurseAjah
    Come north to Central MS. My hospital is down 200 nurses. Need I say more?

  6. by   mark_LD_RN
    i live and work in south mississippi and have no problem getting work. in any area of my choosing. hope this helps.

    you can pm me if you like
  7. by   manna
    Well, I'm not employed in a hospital (just taking pre-reqs) but I am from MS. My brother is an MD doing his residency with NMMC in Tupelo.. he told us last weekend that they just laid off 8 NPs!

    oh, I meant to add.. I'm from the central part of the state.. taking classes right now at ECCC but maybe transfer to MUW in the spring.
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