Any US Navy Nurses Out There?

  1. I am getting my pre-reqs completed and should start nursing school for an ADN in Spring 2010, and am looking at all my options. I am considering the Navy due to the opportunities that are available, and tuition repayment. Looks like I can get a chance to practice in many fields, and not just assigned to one. Anyone have any experience being a Naval Nurse? Do you have to have a BSN to be accepted? Thanks
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  3. by   libnat
    BSN to be an officer and function as an RN military wide I do believe.
  4. by   JenRN30
    There's lots of information about navy nursing on the Government and Military forum. Check it out under nursing specialties...
  5. by   just_cause
    Go here for info..
    Yup BSN required to commission (except army reserves takes a limited numbers of those with ADN)... but you can enter into a candidate program during your junior or senior year of BSN where you can basically gain a monthly stipend and employment upon graduation . Recommendation is continue moving towards BSN, stay abreast of recruitment requirements and incentives (by browsing the gov/mil service forum), and keeping your options open while doing well in the BSN.
  6. by   babes_nurse
    Hi Im a registered nurses here inthe philippines, can I join the US navy ?
  7. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    Must admit, now that I am out of college with my BSN. And having done 5 years already as a Corpsman with the Fleet Marines. I have been thinking about going back into the Navy as a BSN.