Any opinions on accelerated vs. traditional BSN programs?

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    I have a BS degree in Social Psychology, and am planning to finish my pre-reqs so that I can begin a BSN program. I am looking at two options. I live in a major metro area, and one of the nursing schools here is affiliated with a private university as well as a network of hospitals. They offer an accelerated BSN program for people with a degree, the program is 12mths in duration. The hospitals will pay for the program with a contract to work for them for two years after graduation. There has been some controversy about this system of hospitals as nurses claim that they won't let them unionize because they don't want to bring down the nurse-patient ratio. I have also heard nurses say that patients are nothing but money to these hospitals. Anyway, I wonder about the working environment.

    My other option is a traditional program. Once I have taken the pre-reqs the nursing courses/clinicals last four semesters. Also, this is at the flagship university in the state and also has a med school. It seems like they have pretty good facilities. I would be paying in-state tuition, but I am thinking of trying to work in a designated nursing shortage area and having the federal gov't pay back the majority of the loans.

    Does anyone have any opinion on accel vs. trad programs? I would like to get out as soon as possible so that my husband can start, but I want to get the best education and foundation that I can.

    BTW, my husband is a software engineer and wants to get his BSN and then be a CRNA. We have a long way to go!LOL

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  3. by   mark_LD_RN
    accelerated program is only way to go! it worked well for me
  4. by   fulwood
    I think if you can afford not to work for a year which most of these programs recommend and dedicate year of life to getting BSN then go for it. There are many programs around the country offered by reputable universities (Duke for eg.) that offer the program. I am considering this route as I am 41 this year and about 50 credits away from business degree and can get this degree and then go for accelerated in same time it would take me to get ADN/BSN. I have lots of info on programs offered around country ifyou need any further info. Good luck and just do the accelerated program.
  5. by   KarafromPhilly
    What do you mean, the hospital won't "let" the nurses unionize? Did the nurses go and ask for permission or something? What did they think the hospital would say? I mean, duh. In fact, it is ILLEGAL for an employer to prohibit unionization.

    As far as the question you posed, I would say to do it as quickly as possible. In my experience, 85% of nursing school was a big fat waste of time, so wasting 85% of a year is better than wasting 85% of two years.