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I recently accepted a position at a local hospital to do perdiem. Any nurses do perdiem at a couple of facilities, and how do you like it?... Read More

  1. by   ?burntout
    i have worked per diem for a year now and i like it much better. i don't get any benefits, unless i pay for them out of pocket (health and dental)-it is still less expensive this way than my dh getting benefits where he works.

    but i love being able to control most of the days i work.
  2. by   heart queen
    I work at two hospitals. One has three levels of per diem. the higher the pay, the more holiday weekend requirements (one per month) to a lower level of pay where you set your schedule, no holidays.

    Second hospital is flat per diem. No requirements but higher rate of pay. Neither require floating, neither , with a few exceptions depending upon the charge nurse sets off to give you a crap assignment. I understand going in irregularly that the reg. staff may be burnt out on a certain patient. I'm not there full time. so what meight be pure hell to the is just one night for me. After they learned that with an easier assignment I had more time to help and be a team player, which I do... I get these "crap" assignments less and less.

    One hospital has phenomenal bennies, great 401, full tuition, paid days off. But due to a new job change I was lowest on the totem pole. Couldn't take vacation in the summer months, or the holidays, plus I worked thanksgiving, christmas eve and day, held my stance at new years. Bennies aren't worth crap to me If I can't take a vacation when my kids are out of school... so na na na Kept the job, skipped the bennies and I make my own schedule... for me, well worth no paid day's off, what good are they if you can't use them?
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  3. by   LesJenRN
    Quote from rn-jane
    I recently accepted a position at a local hospital to do perdiem. Any nurses do perdiem at a couple of facilities, and how do you like it?
    I am working per diem in critical care right now. The flexibility is great as long as the census is high enough that you are able to get as many hours as you need. our census has been low over the past year and I get cancled more than I work now. I am interviewing for staff positions elsewere right now. The other thing that I have found I dont like is that I miss out on educational opportunities because of the lack of benefits, and I also dont feel like I have a "home". This is probably just the facility that I am working in right now. It sounds like most people love per diem....
  4. by   NativeTexan
    I have worked only per diem for the past five years. It's allowed me to have more control over my schedule than I've ever had. I have a wonderful lead nurse who hands us the schedule and says "fill in your shifts". I work as little or as much as I want. I think it's the only way to fly!