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I have to write an Issue paper for school on something that's considered a 'hot topic' among nursing. Suggested examples are: liver transplants for alcoholics, needle exchange programs for drug... Read More

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    WOW! So many excellant ideas! Thanks to all those who offered suggestions.

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    Quote from bsnin05
    wow! so many excellant ideas! thanks to all those who offered suggestions.

    and one more. since bush is interested in pushing forward an initiative to computerize medical records and other "automation" of health care processes--is this a good idea or a bad idea and why?

    ooops---and a few more (a family)-- medicare, medicaid, single payer health care, health savings accounts (just listened to someone named sally pipes on the commonwealth club, who has written a book called "miracle cure" -- and talks about why single-payer (i.e., canada) is not the answer. extremely important issue: rationing health care, who gets it and why and how does society pay for it?

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    My debate and paper was quite contraversial...well of course, that is just kind of how I am..LOL!

    It was about the Needle Exchange Program in our largest city. It was interesting to really hear the reasons why they do it from the organizations that provide the service..and I really actually learned quite a bit!!!!!!

    In fact, I just heard on the radio yesterday that they are losing 250,000 in funding which is what they spent on needles alone last year...and they don't know where they are going to make that up! Very sad to hear since I can clearly see it from a proactive side since I did this research...and I can also see it from a budget cut aspect!

    Very interesting stuff really, and it really does go deeper than what people think!!! I was suprised and learned much..and the information was easy to obtain (a very nice perk on doing research!).

    Good luck and have fun with it...I know it is work..but have fun with it...makes it more interesting and fulfilling if it is fun!