Any body know about Paramedic to RN?

  1. I am currently a paramedic but want to get my RN, has anybody done this or had a friend do this? how was it, was school? Please send some details, its kind of overwhelming.

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    I am in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. There are a couple of community colleges in the area that offer paramedic-to-RN bridge programs. Typically, these programs are 1 year in length and consist of 1 transitional summer semester, 1 fall semester, and 1 spring semester. After you complete your year of schooling, you earn an associate degree of nursing and are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN.

    The concept is very similar to the LPN-to-RN programs.

    Call your state's board of nursing to find paramedic-to-RN programs in your area.
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