Any Advice About Allergies?

  1. I have allergies and they're kicking my BUTT! My symptoms are a little strange so I was wondering if anyone out there has any advice or maybe is going through the same thing?

    I get pain in my jaw and behind my ears. I also get pain near the glands in my neck. I also have fatigue and intermittent dizziness. My doc says I get fluid in my ears and it causes all these symptoms. Anyone know what's the best thing to do?

    I am taking Claritin-D at the moment and it's not really helping.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   mshultz

    In addition to the Claritin-D, I also use NasalCrom nasal spray for my allergies to pollen. This combination does a good, but not perfect, job if used on a regular basis. Such prescription nasal steroids as Flonase, Nasonex, and Beconase should work better than NasalCrom. The nasal sprays take a couple of weeks to work, and should be used continuously for best results.
  4. by   nurseygrrl
    Thanks. I have some Flonase, but was under the impression that it's only used for nasal congestion/sinus congestion. My congestion is in the ears. Does it take a little while for the Claritin-D to work as well? I have been taking it for 2 days and I don't notice much improvement.
  5. by   mshultz

    A quick look in my 2002 PDR indicates that the active ingredients in Claritin-D achieve a study state by the fifth dosing day, so I would think that it might take a week for optimal results. I have not used a steroid nasal spray since NasalCrom became available OTC, but both products seem to help with itchy eyes from pollen exposure, so they might also help with inner ear congestion. Has your doctor ruled out a bacterial or viral infection?
  6. by   nurseygrrl
    Yes, the doc ruled out infection. I'm having some pretty bad pain in my ear tonight though so I think I'm going to head to Urgent Care tomorrow and make sure I don't have an ear infection now from all the fluid build up. Thanks again for the help. I hope that Claritin-D kicks in soon!
  7. by   lovinghands
    I have very similiar allergy sxs - rarely does my nose drip, instead I have the congestion, radiating eye/ear/tooth pain, fluid in ear, watery eyes, etc. If I stay on my Zyrtec D it clears. Which reminds me I need a refill.

    When I couldn't afford or simply didn't have my allergy meds, I took tylenol sinus for pain relief and a decongestant (just a temporary measure though).
    Good luck to you
  8. by   sharann
    Do you have TMJ by any chance? Do you clench your jaws or grind your teeth(sometimes this happens in sleep so someone would have to tell you). Sometimes TMJ can exacerbate jaw/ear pain.
  9. by   Gampopa
    I've had really bad seasonal rhinitis for several years. Tried antihistamines with varying effects, usually make me feel even crappier. This spring a friend of mine recommended doing nasal irrigation with a Neti pot and sea salt. You put about 8 oz warm tap water, 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, and I add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda together in the pot and mix it up well. Tilt your head over a sink and pour the fluid into one nostril and let it run out the other. Then repeat for the other nostril. If you're really blocked up use a small shot of nasal spray to open things up, then the wash. I also add a drop of Tea Tree oil from time to time. The process can be uncomfortable at first but I haven't had a problem with allergies yet this year. Maybe one or two snezzes and that's it! You can find info online.
  10. by   missmercy
    Have similar symptoms from allergies -- take Zyrtec D during day -- if it affects my sleep then we switch to just Zyrtec. So far it is somewhat helpful. Are considering nasal spray and/or inhalers as well -- HATE all the meds, but am a little partial to breathing.