1. Over my whining session
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    That floor's a disaster waiting to happen. Actually it's a disaster,and not all places are like that.

    Give some thought to work again. BUT, think about what you want to do. Did you like caring for those kind of pts (maybe with a better ratio than what you got)? Then maybe another hospital with that kind of unit would be better. Or maybe another specialty, if you didn't lilke the one you just came from.

    Also, talk to people that work at different hospitals and see how they feel they are being treated where they work.

    But it sounds like the anxiety you're experiencing comes more from the co-workers and the pt. load, and not the pts.
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  4. by   mamason
    I loved working with the pts. I just always felt guilty about not being able to provide the care that they were entitled to. It's a shame you know, that certain facility does major cardiac services in this particular region and is well known. I was always a nervous wreck going into work every day, hoping that nothing bad was going to happen. I was constantly worried about causing some type of harm to my pts because the nurses were so overwhelmed all the time. Managments attitude was, THIS IS THE WAY IT IS SO JUST DO IT! Very unsafe environment. I really like cardiac nursing and recovering open hearts and angioplasties. It just simply facinates me what modern science can do for someone who would have expired from their condition years ago. Thanks for your input. It made me feel better knowing that this is not the norm.
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I'd say try for another cardiac unit then. In an interview, i would ask what their ratios are though.
  6. by   Antikigirl
    Don't wait for things to get so bad that you can't take it...get that resume up to date and get moving on it! I know, I am bad at that too...but I make myself do it, and so far so WONDERFUL! I am now in a job with great staff, great admin, great docs, great patients, and great pay! I drug my heels before doing this move...and now I wonder....why I waited, I wasted 2-3 years just procrastinating when I could have been doing soooooo much more!

    Get that resume up to date...heck, get it on a word program so you can tweek it and keep it (make copies on disc)...that is what I did so it is just a matter of taking 10 minutes to update !
  7. by   mamason
    You're right. I waited to long to get out. I got burned out in as little as 2 years. I need to stop procrastinating and get something done with my resume. I love nursing and waited half of my life to accomplish my goal to become one. I'm ready to go back to work. My daughter is 1 years old now and a little spitfire. I got her so....rotten ain't even funny.LOL.
    I guess this last experience left me a little disgruntled about the whole profession in "MY" area. I need to focus on why I wanted to become a nurse. Thanks .:wink2:
  8. by   Antikigirl
    Good for you...I will tell ya, being a nurse...well, you have to know and be true to yourself in so many starting out thinking the whys and hows about YOURSELF and YOUR CHILD is the best way to start!!!!!!!!!!

    Bless your heart...