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  1. hello everyone! i took my nclex on wednesday, and i am just dying !! it was so hard, i felt like i guessed the entire time. when it shut off at 75, i almost had an mi! i definitely didn't think i answered enough questions correctly. i was not prepared for the difficulty of the exam, and i studied from about 4 different review books/cds. i really don't think the material i studied or the practice questions helped me at all! i made a's in nursing school, and have worked as a tech for a year. i keep asking myself what i could have done differently, and what have i learned over the past 2 years?? i didn't think prioritizing questions could be as hard as the ones i was asked.

    i have talked to some of my classmates who have already passed. they said they felt the same way, sure they failed, only to find out otherwise. i have read numerous postings on boards like this one from other new grads who say the same things---"oh my god i know i failed!! i was completely blindsided! there is no way i could have passed that test!!!" then a few days later they post another message that they passed!! i just have to say that those posts are keeping me from killing myself. doesn't it seem unfair that all of nursing school boils down to 60 questions (15 of the questions are "tryouts" and don't count toward your score. only you don't know which 15 questions they are!)???????

    anyway, i just needed to take my turn at freaking out. thanks to all of you for listening and for posting your stories, so i know i am not alone! i started working as a gn yesterday in the icu---i will be so humiliated and embarassed if i didn't pass boards! you will find me under a rock somewhere.......

    thanks for listening!
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  3. by   CarolynRN
    relax already will you??? I'm sure you did just fine. we all felt that way after taking boards. When I was taking mine in July 99 and I got to the 75th question I thought to myself "if this damn thing doesn't shut down I'm going to die!!!" then when I hit the enter button and it said Thank you for taking the NCLEX I thought "Oh NOOOo give me more questions!!! That wasn't enough!!! I neeeed more questions.!!" Then having to wait the agonizing 3 business days before obtaining the results. When I phoned & the computer said I was licensed as a registered nurse I started bawling like a baby--for a minute my husband thought I had failed. You then feel as if you've conquered the world.
    Seriously, try & relax. Stats are that if it shut off @ 75 you'll be ok. Let us know how you did...
  4. by   realnursealso/LPN
    I'm sure you did well. At least you didn't take them back in the stone age like I did. I'm so glad that you all can find out so soon. When I took my state boards in April of 1980, I never found out if I passed or failed until the last part of July. When the fateful envelope came, I was a fraid to open it. Relax, please, their is a nursing shortage out there, and we need all you new folks healthy and sane. Us old ones feet and backs are giving out, and we may need you to care for us at the ole nurses home! I read the boards every day and everyone whose computer shut off at 75 passed. Seriously, the only thing you can do is wait and see. Smile, and think of all you have accomplished. I'll be waiting for your I passed post real soon. God bless you
  5. by   burger914
    I know exactly how you feel. I did the exam in 30 minutes and I shut down at 75 questions. I also know that no matter how positive you try to be, you will not be able to relax until you get that letter saying you passed. I just got my letter today and I am now an RN!!! I cried when I opened. I hope you get the same letter as me! Good luck to you!!
  6. by   misti_z
    I took mine the 10th (July) and when mine cut off at 75 my heart dropped into my stomach! Everyone says if it cuts you off at 75 you are fine, but until you know for sure there is still some doubt. I called the 900 # a couple of times everyday, until two days ago I called and found out my RN license #. I had to call it back so my husband could hear it. I had to be sure it was me because I was sure I had failed. SOOOO...relax, go out, take a nice long bath, something to reward yourself on the beginning of your career. GOOD LUCK
  7. by   htbean
    Whew! I am sooo glad that I read your post! I took my boards yesterday, after 4 review books and a review class and weeks of ignoring my family so that I could study. I had 75 hard-as-hell questions, none of which seemed to relate to the everday practice of nursing. I had ALOT of prioritization questions, none of which were easy to figure out - none of the options seemed to be more pressing than the others. Then I had communication questions where none of the answers seemed particularly good, and I was just LOST. I almost cried halfway through the test because I felt like I was guessing every question, and all of the studying of lab values, disease processes, meds, etc. did me no good whatsoever. My husband laughed with me when I read your post because the stuff you said sounded exactly like me. I'm now going nuts because I took the test on a Friday, and now I have to wait until Wednesday to call for the results. Well, I hope you did it - I hope I did, too! Thanks for expressing my exact feelings about this test!
  8. by   RNinMay
    Thanks everybody for your support and encouragement. It makes me feel a little better knowing that all of us basically had the same experience ( shellshock!!!). And for those of us still waiting, I pray for us all and hope we can wait it out for our results, knowing we are all in the same boat!! I have not yet seen a post anywhere that said, "Nclex was such a piece of cake--I know I aced it!!" So that makes me feel better.
    htbbean, I know how you feel--I had those questions where nothing seemed to be the right answer and the ones where I simply had no idea. Sometimes I got it down to two choices, but which answer of the two to choose was beyond me!!

    Let's all keep in touch thru this board and see what happens. I should be able to get my results online--maybe as early as monday or as late as wednesday.
    Hopefuly Flo is looking out for us and she helped us pick the right answers!!
    Take care everyone
  9. by   hannabear1
    75 questions! that sounds pretty good! keep your chin up--I am taking mine the 30th at 8am. I never wake up before 830-900. but I took 3days off before so I hope all goes well
    I'll let you know if this topic is still posted....
  10. by   llrn
    I'm so glad we are all feeling the same about the NCLEX. I have always made good grades in class, yet this is terrifying me! I can't stop thinking of the instructor who said. "We always have a few surprises, some who never had a problem fail". Anyway, I'm just worrying more than I should. If I fail, I will just tuck my tail and retest! Good Luck to everyone!
  11. by   RNinMay

    At first I thought maybe it was someone else with the same name as me, so I had to scroll down and verify that the address was mine----it was! I even made my husband read it to be sure!

    I just cannot believe it's true. There was no way in hell I thought I passed that test. I had it all planned out how to tell my new nurse manager that I failed! WHAT A RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The rest of you who are still waiting, please keep hope alive. Nothing anybody tells you will truly make you feel better until you actually see the results for yourself, but I know that coming to boards like this one helped me immensely---- just to know everyone felt like me.

    I have to go back to the site now and make sure it's not a dream.....................

  12. by   burger914
    Way to Go RN Rachel!! Isn't it the best feeling?
    Congrats to you and good luck in your career!


  13. by   kiddoRN
    Congrulations !!!! Good luck in the ICU. Now it's time to go out and celebrate. Tell hubby to treat you to that well need ice cream sundae.
  14. by   P_RN