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hello everyone! i took my nclex on wednesday, and i am just dying !! it was so hard, i felt like i guessed the entire time. when it shut off at 75, i almost had an mi! :eek: i definitely didn't... Read More

  1. by   cwood2b
    I took my Boards in July I got 75 then the computer shut off. I was POSITIVE I had failed only to learn that I had passed. Please remember that there are 15 try out questions on the NCLEX. You can get all of these wrong because they are questions the NCLEX is trying out for future exams. So that means there are only 60 graded questions. You only have to answer a certain percentage correct (say, 80%, like nursing school) that means you could answer almost 30 questions wrong including the try out questions. So RELAX and take DEEP BREATHS. It will be ok. Good luck and let me know how you did when you find out.
  2. by   bhart
    I too, had 75 and just knew that I did not pass - but I did!!
  3. by   Totone656
    {{{{{{{Cindy}}}}}}} I know the feeling well and yes I wore out the web site for the state of Tennessee. Last Friday evening, while my husband and I were cooking, I told him I would check the site one more time. The site came up, I entered my name, the time bar clicked off, my name came up, and there it was I passed!Well needless to say, the cats when scurring down the hall and the hubby was somewhat taken back, but once he realized what I was saying he came to see for himself!
    I agree with you I do not know where those questions came from, but I did my best to answer each. Everyone kept saying I passed, but I just didn't feel like it. I knew I would be the first one who took 75 questions and failed. I know you passed is what I am trying to tell you, but you won't believe it until you see if for yourself.
  4. by   Cynderfella
    I just called the 1-900 # to see if I passed, and I did!! What a relief! Today is my husbands 45 b-day, which I thought would be lucky, and it was. Now we can relax and enjoy the day! Thank's for support....Cindy RN
  5. by   Y2KRN
    Congradulations to all and welcome to the profession!!!! I know boards are a stressful time for everyone!!! I am glad to see that you all chose nursing!

  6. by   llrn
    Just to let everyone know...........I passed. Good luck to everyone. What a relief!
  7. by   nurseleigh

    I just hope ya'll are here in a year and a half to support me when i have to take mine. lol.