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pt 1 postop-wants a private room so i can be his private nurse so we can do private things. he tells me hes rich as though thats going to persuade me. i have one hell of a time getting out of his... Read More

  1. by   babynurselsa
    Originally posted by oramar
    What is crumping?
    Crumping is when they go suddenly down the tubes. You know one minute stable the next sat of 30 heart rate the same......
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    those are my kind of

    psych patients are the creepiest to me because their distortion is their reality and you are forced to step in that. when i am giving care to them i feel like im drifting somewhere in between.
    but your patients sound like our general fare on the "med/surg" unit
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    We have had patients call the hospital operator. One night an elderly male patient choked on a pill. After he swallowed it he still had that lump in your throat feeling. He was talking fine, pink, warm, & dry. We just encourgaged him that things were okay. Well, he called the hospital operator and told her that he was choking on a pill and none of the nurses gave a"s*it." The operator called us and told about his phone call. The man had O2 sats in the 95 range. The doctor got a kick out of it.

    I had a pt once poop in his empty water glass and proceeded to place the cup back on his lunch tray. Fortunately, one of the nurses caught it before it went down to the kitchen. We were impressed that the man didn't make a mess!

    This thread is great!!
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    I still have trouble believing this but I was told about a young (20's) male patient, a new admission to our Med-Surg floor who puked, peed and pooped in his urinal, then handed the vile mess to his nurse! (I'm new here and I hope it's okay to use those words-- "vomited, urinated and defecated" just didn't seem as funny.) I just marvel at such terrific aim!

    After going back and reading all the posts, I'm reminded that my recent mantra at work has been "On admission, all patients should be ordered a mandatory psych consult!" I cannot beLIEVE the "issues" we have to deal with with most patients anymore... YIKES!
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    Originally posted by LTC-LPN
    I believe you. I have residents who think the nursing home is a hotel and they come and go at will. When they return and I have to be their nurse I think the same thing, "I always get this person" and usually it is someone who is very noncompliant to anything I want them to do.

    What a night for you...maybe tonight will be better!?!

    It wasn't a full moon, was it?

    Jane Ann

    When you are 80 years old and you no longer have your own place, and the only place you can call home is a nursing home, then I hope you come and go as you please and I hope that you do what you want. Life is short, and it sounds like you dont really care much about your residents. And yes, a nursing home should be like a hotel, people pay lots of money to live there, and they also pay your salary. Your attitude is kind of annoying, and I only hope that when you wrote this note, you were having a bad day...........Your residents could be your grandparents, parents or you!!!!!
  6. by   thisnurse
    eg-i really take exception to your above post. i think you are quick to judge someone you dont know based on an internet post. hardly seems fair.
    its a sad thing that people in their old age end up in nursing homes. but i think you might agree that there is a need. if the residents are well enough to come and go at will then i would think there is little need for them to be in a nursing home. i am in no way implying that the residents need be treated as inmates, but i am saying that you have to know that there HAS to be rules and regulations for the residents own safety.
    please correct me if i am wrong but it seems to me you are saying because they pay big bucks to live there they should be permitted to do as they please. if this is your reasoning then why dont they just move into a hotel? room service, cleaning, come and go as they please, all the frills. they dont do this probably because they arent well enough.
    there are so many issues with the elderly. i think it would be the hardest thing in the world to realize you have to give up EVERYTHING you have and everything you are because you cant care for yourself any longer. these people need a little extra special care, there is no question of that.
    however, this makes caring for these people all the more difficult. i see nothing wrong with blowing off steam here. what i do see wrong is attacking someone you dont even know based on YOUR perception of their attitude.
    lets not do this to each other. you are right, life is short.
  7. by   teeituptom
    My last night in th er was a doozy,not to mention all the usual stuff, but with 2 gsw head wounds,with a GCS no greater than 6. A closed head injury with a GCS of 8. Then I get in via the fire dept a pt that they wheeled over from the nursing home in his bed. because he weighed over 600 lbs and they felt that was easier then managing somehow to get him the ambulance. Thing is the nursing home is half a mile away.Would have loved to see them pushing him down the middle of the street.
    Life goes on
    Tomas Livingston
  8. by   l-andre
    I once had a COPD with oxygen by nasal canula who decides that quitting smoking was not in her immediate plan, even if she were in ICU. So, she lights up... and the unthinkable happends... 2nd degree burns of both nostrils!!!!
  9. by   Uptoherern
    I think that I have taken care of ALL these people! They must hospital-hop!

    To add: had a spanish only confused lady, very angry, walking into other people's rooms. Not only could I not understand what she was saying, she was trying to hit me. Got one of the aids who speaks spanish, and I was informed that she was looking for her husband who, having run off with the neighbor lady, was in one of these "cantinas" getting bombed! Had to call security.

    Had a druggie in er...kept threatening to leave but had admitted to being suicidal so we can not let her go without psych eval. Go into her room, and she is not there! We search the entire druggie! Found her in the cabinet under the sink in her room. "why are you in there?" answer: "wanted to see if I could fit"

    Had a family member (I'm a hospice rn!) (not me--her)walk into dad-in-laws room right after an unsuccessful ng attempt..screaming.."did you premedicate him for that! Can't you see he's in pain? For this kind of pain HE NEEDS MORPHINE!!!" The patient hadn't said one word to me in the last two hours about being in any pain. I got written up for having a "flippant attitude" Also got screamed at by the son (I want who ever's in charge in here RIGHT NOW!! ) Of course the patient just lays there, and lets them both rant. He reminded me of patients who call for every little thing, and then just as you are about to move the curtain to bring them whatever, you hear them on the phone to relatives saying "No one has been in here ALL DAY! (sob), I've tried to call and call and no one comes!" I was nine months pregnant , and got called into a room to retrieve a roll of mints that had been dropped and had disappeared under a patients bed.
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  10. by   thisnurse
    and even worse is when the family member calls to complain about you not being in there ALL day. ever have a patient call the operator to get you into their room?
    this galls me to no end.
    i can take only so much of that crap. if i were you and they asked me to look under the bed for mints, id bend over, say "i dont see them" and leave.
  11. by   PhantomRN
    I had a patient who we could no more for and was going to expire. I literally spent hours in there teaching the family what to expect etc. I tol them I was going out to allow them to spend time with their loved one. I come back after checking on my other patient, to a son in law who said his wife (the pts daughter) said I have not been in the room since I came on shift. The daughter was in the room but Most of the teaching I gave went to the poor husband.

    I was livid. I calmly reminded her that Mom was dying and the point was NOT for me to spend the last moments with her but for the family to spend THEIR last moments with her.

    What was sad about that was the husband was mortified when he found out that they had said that to me. I guess the daughter tried to complain or something to him because he came to me in tears apologizing. I HATE dealing with woman......ugggg.
  12. by   NurseDennie
    Ah, Heinous patients! I have a page about them on my website. Should we have a new thread about icky patients/family I/We Have Known?

    I've asked my docs for restraint orders for family members before. *sigh*


  13. by   egmillard
    I guess I was having a bad day when I wrote that note, and apologise. Yes we are allowd and should vent over the internet. Would'nt it be funny if patients actually read what we wrote about them though