ancef 1g reconstitution

  1. i have a resident on ancef 2g IVPB to be diluted in 100ml of D5W and given over 30-60min. i've been looking everywhere for the amt of D5W that i have to reconstitute the 1g vial with, but i keep seeing "refer to manufacturer". Apparently someone threw that part in the garbage and i'm not sure how much to dilute the vial with. does anyone know?

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  3. by   sonja77
    my drug guide (mosby: iv meds 07) says: "each 1gm or fraction thereof must be reconstituted with at least 7.5 ml sw for injection; shake well; to reduce the incidence of thrombophlebitis, may be further diluted in 50 to 100 ml of d5w, ns or other compatible infusion solution"

    hope that helps!
  4. by   AmaurosisFugax
    Trissel's Handbook on Injectable Drugs (14ed) & the Ancef Package Insert both say "reconstitute 1 g in 2.5 mL SWI to obtain ~330 mg/mL (~3mL)
    For IV bolus, further dilute with 5 mL SWI.
    For infusion, dilute reconstituted soln (~3 mL) in 50-100 mL D5W/NS etc.
    I see Gahart & Mosby say 7.5 mL I think thats a misunderstanding in the case of infusion.
  5. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Ancef can be given IV push at my hospital over 3-5 minutes in 10cc of NS. I never do this for the first dose though.
  6. by   suzanne4
    Most medications are diluted in either 0.9% NS or Sterile Water. You do not find vials of D5W to use for diluting drugs.

    You can use D5W if you are using a system where the actual vial of antibiotic connects directly to the piggyback and the fluid is used to dilute the drug and then it is moved back into the bag in the closed system.

    Hope that this helps.

    (You can easily dilute a medication with the required diluent and then place in a piggyback bag of D5W, or the 0.9% NS; which ever is recommended for the medication. Some can be used in either, and other have specific fluids that they must be infused in.)
  7. by   nursiemellie
    i thought you dilute it with the D5W thats already in the IV bag. like draw up 2.5ml D5W from the bag and then inject it into the ancef vial, mix it, draw it up from the vial and reinject it into the D5W bag?
  8. by   mrsraisinkain
    You can dilute the drug with a small amount of SWFI in the vial but as long as you are further diluting the Ancef into a piggyback it doesn't really matter how much so long as the entire bag is infused into the patient. Also, you may use some D5W from the bag to reconstitute the vial of Ancef before injecting it back into the bag. Typically that's the faster way.

    Take my advise at face value, just a warning I'm not a nurse. However, I am a pharmacy technician of 10 years (turned STNA) that could make IVs in my sleep! (But never have! LOL)