Anatomy & Physiology for Beginners? (Games, Text, Cards,etc.)

  1. hello all!

    i'm an aspiring nurse aka pre-nursing student.

    i just finished taking the nln/teas scoring 96th/99th percentile respectively, for the
    program of interest. i'm unsure if i am accepted or not...but in the meantime..i wanted to
    really start getting comfortable with some of the basics of nursing!:redpinkhe

    can anyone suggest literature, games, cards, etc. that will help me get familiar with
    anatomy & physiology? i would like to be a step ahead before i start those nursing
    classes. i mean, anything helps right?!

    i was looking to subscribe to a magazine..and found one that seemed good, but reviews showed
    that they had some angry customers since they sent old issues lol.

    can anyone give me some advice on being ahead of the game? i know i have a lot more

    to expect when it comes to getting into the core of nursing school..but i would love
    to try to get a feel for as much as possible. i'm an avid reader and read everyday anyway... why not replace it with stuff that will help me out?

    thanks for your suggestions in advance!
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  3. by   SandraCVRN
    Go to the student boards and you will find a bunch of "stickys" with tons of student links, some of the links might not work anymore, I posted a bunch of them when I was in nursing school.

    Good luck
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    An anatomy coloring book is a great start because you need to learn the details for lab. A book I would recommend is The Human Body in Health and Illness by Barbara Herlihy.
  5. by   cursedandblessed
    i used the coloring book the flash cards were useless to me. i took an intro to bio class since i hadn't had any science in 20 something year it really helped.
  6. by   *guest*
    Thank You so much pals! I'm going to buy the suggested book now, and I will also look @ the student nursing I learn to navigate my way around lol. C&B, what coloring book did you use?
  7. by   *guest*
    update: i just ordered 3 books! we will see how this goes :d.
  8. by   *guest*
    Quote from pagandeva2000
    an anatomy coloring book is a great start because you need to learn the details for lab. a book i would recommend is the human body in health and illness by barbara herlihy.

    i just want to say....this book is awesome so far. it is so completely visual, imo. i :redpinkhe it! thank you so much for suggesting this material.
  9. by   stellina615
    Good for you for being proactive in your learning! As I'm sure you've heard, nursing school is stressful and you're smart for wanting to be ahead of the game. In addition to the suggestions already offered, I'd get familiar with acid-base imbalances (metabolic and respiratory alkalosis and acidosis) and know how to figure these conditions out by looking at lab values. Also, it's always good to know about normal reference values for different lab tests (platelets, RBCs, WBCs, electrolytes, and other things you might find in a CBC or CMP). I love this book and highly recommend it:

    Not only does it have great explanations of blood/urine values, but it also does a great job of explaining other diagnostic tests. When I started out, I would have no idea what the nurses and docs were talking about when they threw around words like esophagogastroduodenoscopy, and I'd go home and teach myself from this book! Also, Taber's is indispensable:
    I wish you lots of luck in your studies!

  10. by   *guest*
    Yes, I am trying to avoid "some" stress if possible....or at least make it a *pinch* less stressful, by trying to get familiar with some things beforehand

    Thank You so much for the links. Off to right now!