Ambulatory Surgery and future nursing

  1. Hi everyone-

    I was just wondering I recently accepted a position as an RN in Ambulatory or Short Stay Surgical unit. I am having a blast at my job and finding it rewarding- however before accepting this position I was really hoping to get into OB or NICU eventually.
    I'm happy to have this job for a while but I'm worried about my ability to grow as a nurse on this unit. Long story short I don't know if by working on this unit for two years (contract) will I be locking myself into staying on this type of unit for the rest of my career?

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  3. by   Fiona59
    Day surgery is perfect for me. Nobody stays for months! Get'em in, get'em out. They go sour, transfer them to ICU or a specific surgery unit.

    Fast paced, teaching, IVs, all things that will pay off in any future move.

    Also, the hours are more humane. Early start, early finish, unit closes by 1900.
  4. by   brownbook
    I think you will need to keep in touch with an OB/NICU unit, directors, charge nurse, floor nurses, CNA's, etc. Check in with them, find out what classes are being offered specifically for them and take them if you can. Or find classes somewhere near by relating to OB/NICU. Get NRP Neonatal Resuscitation, (can't remember what the P stands for ?) and PALS.

    Your skills in ambulatory nursing will be useful, any nursing experience helps, but the areas you are interested in need some really specific skills.
  5. by   RN in training
    So glad you posted this- was just discussing possible pros and cons of going into ambulatory surgery with my husband this morning. I think I might have an opportunity come a vailable when I graduate in May so I'm trying to consider all angles... Good to know I'm not alone.
  6. by   MJB2010
    I think it is a good place to start. You will probably be surprised how many of the skills there will be transferable. Do your best and learn what you can. I think transitioning is all about how you sell yourself at an interview. Find out what the ob unit is looking for and what skills you have from your experience. Any experience is better than no experience, and in this job market, you can't hold out for what you want or you might be waiting forever. If you like what you do, hang in there and keep an eye out for openings in what you want. Your chance will come to move.