am i over reacting?

  1. Hi i am sorry to post something that probably sounds so silly, but i had a 2 step ppd done about 2 months ago and it came back negative, but i did have a redness and they even said that it wasnt positive but maybe i have been exposed somewhere along the line and that was causing me to have a redness, but not raised....Well stupid question is, haha, I have had a chest congestion now for about 1 month that i cant seem to cough up and with my crazy thinking i am thinking of course that i have tb infection in my lungs!!! Am i being silly??
    Thanks alot,
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  3. by   unknown99
    You are not being silly, just worried. Sometimes a little redness at the PPD injection site is normal. It's the skins way of "fighting" that foreign invader. The PPD is irritating to the skin. What size redness was there? Was it indurated-- raised up 5mm or more?
    If you have had the cough for a month, have you been to the doctor? Could be a summer cold-- my daughter gets them every year. You do need to see the doctor though about the cough hanging on for a month.
    Let us know!!!
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Sagarcia was right on target. Since you had no induration (raised area) it was negative. I doubt the two things (the PPD and the current cold) are related.
  5. by   shllby1
    thanks alot, there was no raised area just read and it was maybe the size of a quarter, the cold i have its been going on along with a stuff nose occasionally but i think i have a sinus thing going on, and i have that chest congestion..thanks alot!!!!!