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I thought I might see if anyone here could help me since we've been to a couple of Dr's now and haven't got any decent answers. I moved interstate three months ago with my daughter who is now 18... Read More

  1. by   SCRN1
    At this age, it's about impossible to keep them from "sharing" toys while at a day care. And everyone knows what little ones do with them...put them to their mouths. Even while in a buggy at a grocery store, you will see babies/toddlers mouthing the handle. This could be why she's getting sick so often. Plus, little ones are not so polite as to cover their noses & mouths when they cough or sneeze, so it's shared with everyone.

    Some babies are just prone to ear infections because of the short eustachian tube. I was fortunate enough to stay home with mine before they started school, breastfed, kept them away from cigarette smoke, and anything else I could think of to try and prevent ear infections, but they still got them often. The ENT told me that some have a little more slanted tube and can drain better is why they don't get the infections as much and my children's were flat.

    Then again, as someone else mentioned...could be allergies.
  2. by   manna
    Could you have black mold lurking somewhere in your house? (this comes to mind because a close friend's family is in the enviromental business - mainly mold removal)
  3. by   nurseygrrl
    I had a problem always being sick when I was small. I had chronic bronchitis, constant ear infections, tonsillitis, colds, etc. When I became an adult and it started happening again my doc allergy tested me. I gave up milk and it was overwith. When I had my daughter, she got bronchitis twice within a few months. We switched her to soy formula and she's been healthy as a horse ever since...knock wood. I am a big anti milk person because of this. I would try giving it up.
  4. by   Agnus
    I am concerned about all the antibiotics your little one is receiving. Seldom is a cold or ear infection caused by bacteria. Antibiotics ony kill bacteria.

    Has and actual culture been done of drainage to determine if it is a bacteria and has a sensitivity been done on the bacteria to see which antibiotic is effective on it.

    I thought not.

    Children especially babies have a very poor (read virtually non existant) immunity to anything.

    Consequently colds etc. are usually very frequent. This is how immunit is developed. Antibiotics seldom are needed and over use can prduce side effects, allergy, and cause development of super bugs that do not surcomb to them.

    Also are you giving the whole course of the medcation and giving it round the clock as perscribed? Not doing this can lead to the above.

    The ear infections result because in infants and small children the tube between the ear and back of the throat is very short and straight. In adults it is longer and crooked.

    So stuff moves from the throat to the ear very easily.

    You baby should be fed or nursed in an upright position. He should be not be laid on his back or side immediately after a feeding. Milk etc. can enter this tube and lead to infections.

    Keep him away from school children unless they are your own.

    Is your home super clean? That is must everything be spotless? You may be spreading germs when a house is visibly clean (even more than a normal house) Or if you disinfect everything you are not allowing you child to be exposed to organisms that could help develop immunity and to organisms that are actually beneficial. The other thing is you are exposing your child to cleaning supplies that cause irritation and allergy, setting him up to infection.

    Babbies get lots of colds and infections and this decreases as he develops immunity. It takes time. They get over it. Some kids require tubes to be inserted to drain ears that are always full of fluid from infection. They get over this too.

    Unles your babe is seriously ill I would not worry too much.

    We moved to another state when my daughter was 2 1/2. She sudden started getting everything. It was a new enviorment and new gerns that she needed to develop immunity to. You don't develop immunity without exposures and you don't get exposure without (usually) feeling the effect of the bug.
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  5. by   Anna_Aus
    Thanks everybody for their replies! You've all given me alot to think about...

    Firstly, about our house...I'm a full-time student and at the moment my partner is living interstate for work basically making me a single mum, so I can assure you it isn't "super-clean"!!!!! However, it is a fairly new place, and I can't see any visible signs of mould etc. It is interesting that a couple of you have mentioned that though, because for the first 16 months of her life we did live in a brand new place, so maybe that didn't give her the usual exposure to "bugs" etc.

    About the antibiotics...I have tried to avoid them as much as I can, she's never had antibiotics for colds. But once it develops into a middle ear infection I thought it was neccessary?? Or so our dr's led me to believe??? I'd be interested to know if this isn't the case.

    We ended up with a new Dr today, as she has another middle ear infection and again he put her on antibiotics. However, he did say that our move and her starting daycare would have exposed her to so many new germs which would explain the constant colds. The colds aren't really a problem since she would be building up immunity each's only when it develops into these ear infections that I get worried. He said some kids just have "shorter" tubes...making them more prone to the infections.

    I'm hesistant about changing her diet since up until we moved she had none of these problems, so I really don't think it is allergies.

    It's so hard seeing her sick all the time...and I'm getting exhausted since we are up during the night so much

    Oh and what exactly do ENT's do?? I will have to look into that basically looking into whether she does have a problem with her ears making her more likely to get ear infections??

    Thanks again for your help!
  6. by   nursebedlam
    could be allergy to gawd only knows
  7. by   smoo6672
    I grew up in South Australia, lucky if I saw a doctor once a year. Moved up to Queensland, between myself and my kids, we were at the doctors on average once a week for 7 years, including multiple ear infections with my kids. Two years ago, I moved my family back to S.A. Have had no ear infections and only been to the doctors 3 times. I would suggest definitely an environmental thing.