Albuquerque Lovelace ..need input!!

  1. i am a new member and glad that i found this site. Really need your input re: Lovelace/Ardent in albuquerque NM. My hubby is currently offered a job in this facility and we are having a hard time deciding since he also has other offers that looks very promising. We are seriously considering relocating to NM.Hubby is md and i am a registered nurse. please.. your input will be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   tencat
    Lovelace as an MD might be ok, but I have not heard any positives about being a nurse for Lovelace. They have pretty high ratios and are constantly desperately looking for nurses, which kind of tells me that it might not be the best environment to work in as a nurse. Presbyterian has a pretty good reputation. You might check them out.
  4. by   Little Panda RN
    If you go to the New Mexico forum you will hear different opinions about Lovelace. I think you will get you questions answered there.
  5. by   aquarius4u
    tencat, thanks for your input.just concerned about the working environment at lovelace and how ardent operates.From what i gather Ardent is the new owner of the hospital. For myself, i will definitely check what presbyterian can offer for per diem nurses.
    nd_mom, thanks for directing me to new mexico forums. i did check it out and the info is a little dissapointing about lovelace.hopefully, things are better now that they have a new owner.
    huh! Making a major decision is really tough. there is no such perfect place to work but i hope that we will pick the best among the options that we have.:smackingf