Air Force Nursing Selection Boards Nov 2017

  1. Hello Everyone!!

    Is there anyone out there besides me that has an application package being reviewed by the board committee this month for the Air Force Nurse Corps?
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  3. by   Pike01
    I Haven't heard any news yet unfortunately.
  4. by   Buffness
    I haven't heard from the recruiter yet either.
  5. by   Pike01
    Applied med-surg, how about yourself?
  6. by   Buffness
    I applied for Med-Surg also. I initially applied for Mental Health but the recruiter stated that he was informed that there is a need for Med Surg nurses so I changed to Med Surg. How many years of nursing experience do you have?
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  7. by   Silverdragon102
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  8. by   Pike01
    I have a little over 6 years med surg experience.
  9. by   ETamakiI
    I applied for the HPSP - My recruiter said tomorrow they are meeting and will hopefully release results later tomorrow or Thursday.
  10. by   Pike01
    No word yet.
  11. by   ETamakiI
    I just got an email that hopefully by COB on December 4th they'll release. In the email it said the minutes were being finalized and assignments were being generated. Hopefully it will be Monday!!
  12. by   Pike01
    Also got word from recruiter it should be Monday. Good luck!
  13. by   Buffness
    What region are you two in? We may have the same recruiter.
  14. by   Mchicky24
    I also applied for the November boards. Hopefully we hear something soon. I am in Texas and applied for a critical care slot.