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  1. by   mattcastens
    I swear...

    I go on vacation. Don't read the board for more than a week and this is what I come back to?? Sheesh!

    GI bleeds and C. diff. never bothered me. The only smell I haven't been able to stomach is the fecal result of activated charcoal and sorbital.

    Boy is it good to be back.
  2. by   judy ann
    Welcome home Matt, you sushi whore. We've missed you. You see we have been reduced to discussing odors.
  3. by   micro
    vacate for a week and see.......

    so matt what did you see when you vacated for week

    after charcoal.........have missed that pleasure.........yiiikes.........
  4. by   semstr
    homeless man, age about 70, alcoholic, smelling like, well you all know them I guess.
    But......... on top of this he had a gasgangrene in his right leg!!
    That smell and sound, I'll never forget!!

    Happy Easterlunch!! Renee
  5. by   mario_ragucci
    What about meconium (not plutonium). I heard some women talk about the awful smell associated with their own birth. Does meconium smell really bad too. If C-diff is a "10" on the bad smell scale, then what is meconium?
  6. by   TracyB,RN
    Micro, I hear ya' about the wound so big, you can almost step into it, I have seen quite a few. But I am strangely fascinated by them. YUK
    Never heard of Maalox & babypowder used together for a butt. . . does it work well???
    I can get over the C-Diff smell( I rate it about a 4) but a GI bleed, that just about sends me over the edge.
    Meconium? Never noticed any smells after the kids were born. Maybe it is the fairly common BM that is happening, Mario.
  7. by   micro
    I have lost my hand (figuratively)into one such wound......this I shall ne'r forget.........
    meconium stools...not my area of expertise.....but I hunch that you are right Tracy B, RN...it is more of a normal (this is what is expected smell)
    the old gi bleed and .....probably the deepest to sending me to the other side of the room for a bit...but you just do what you gotta do.........
  8. by   NurseDennie
    Yeah, the maalox and babypowder is pretty good stuff. You just mix in enough baby powder to keep the maalox from sliding off. Very soothing to those sore bumms

    We used to have some stuff called "Happy Heiney" but I can't remember what was in it. The pharmacy used to make it for us - it was WONDERFUL. I never understood why the pharm quit making it - I HAte when stuff like that happens (or failes to happen).


  9. by   micro
    hey, have you all heard of Magic Butt Cream

    it is for real.........

    developed originally for lactating mothers, but is an excellent(if the sore bum' doesn't need more Rx) to soothe that sore exc bumm'
  10. by   judy ann
    Mario, why is it I who must discribe odors for you? Meconium does not smell too terribly bad. Smells kinda earthy and a little like hot tar (looks like hot tar, too) but isn't really bad, and doesn't spread through the air very far. It is easily covered up with baby products. On a scale of 1-10, "mec" is about a 2. The hard part about meconium is scrubbing it off those tiny, tender butts. I've often wished for an SOS pad.
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  11. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    While driving in the country in my grandmother's purple Corvair we would often pass large chicken coops. Oh! The smell! She told me to breath thru my mouth. Wha-la. Smell is gone. I use this trick on a day to day basis.
  12. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in the heart of Texass

    GI bleeds and nasty trachs, and purulent wounds dont bother me at all. You can get used to them. Not really a problem,
    Now a really rank one was a homeless guy the police brought in for a check up. No telling when he last bathed. He had been surviving on beer, pickled eggs and bar nuts for a few weeks. He also suffered from severe T.S.S.( toxic sock syndrome). On exam the doctor also found worms growing out of his rectum. This is not too mention that he also had lice in his hair, and beard. Nurse going in his room were turning green, one young nurse actually passed out. Of course with some of the flatus and other natural gases he was producing, you couldnt light a match or use electrocautery around him.No wonder the police sent him in by ambulance, they didnt want him in their squad car.Even we sectioned off a area of the Er to keep him from bothering our other patients. Simply amazing
    We have decontamination room with a shower. Where we proceded to shower and scrub and shave this patient, then dressed him in paper scrubs we keep for occasions. He was actually presentable after we got through with him. To think this is what I went to nursing school for, My nursing instructors never prepared me for this.
    such is life
    keep it in the short grass yall
  13. by   bestblondRN
    Another nasty to add to the previous post:

    During lunch, the SICU nurse manager was paged to come to the morgue, with lots of help for lifting. I was among the lucky 5 to be within arm's reach to go with him--my stomach was already churning 'cuz I HATE our morgue!

    A patient had died several days prior, and the police had come to take him to the M.E.'s office, but refused to remove the body because it was lying in a pool of fluid. What kind of fluid you ask? Well......he had been a trauma, had a dead leg, and was about 20 liters positive when he died, so the fluid was what had drained out of his dead leg (roughly 2 or 3 liters). It smelled like an unplugged refrigerator full of putrefying meat.......What a sight we were--all of us gagging (one person puked), as we sopped up the mess with bath blankets and re-bagged him. I had the smell in my nostrils for days.......YECCCCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!