Advice? Warnings? Your thoughts?

  1. i am a senior in high school, and want to be a nurse! if any of you have any advice, or if you could tell me where you went to school, what you had to do, the ups the downs, everything and anything you can think of that would be helpfull or intresting, i would really appreciate it!
    thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Cindy_A
    Definitely become a CNA! I've said it many times before, if you don't like being a CNA, you won't like being a nurse!
    BTW, I had to look twcie at your username, I first thought it said "Loriloves MURDER!!!!"
  4. by   JennieBSN

    My advice to you is to become a CNA (certified nurses' aide). This is the best way I can think of for you to be close enough to nursing to observe it in its' truest form for you to make your judgement.

    Nursing is a double edged sword. It is wonderful in some respects, horrible in others. There is so much that we (the nurses on this bb) would have to tell you about in the line of advice and 'warnings,' that it would take an eternity... . If you're thinking of becoming a nurse (great, wonderful, we need you...), please become a CNA first. You will work closely with nurses and be able to observe them over long periods of time. You will experience at some levels the stresses and joys that they experience. This way, you can make your OWN decision based on your OWN experience.

    Many hospitals have on-the-job training for CNA's, and lots of community hospitals have 4 to 6 week courses. I strongly recommend you do this as your first step in your journey.

    Good luck, Lori! And by the way, I love Mulder (and Scully) too.
  5. by   PeggyOhio
    I agree kday's advise is sound. The experience you will get as a CNA will help you decide if nursing is something you want to invest your time and money in. It will also make the infamous "reality shock", a.k.a the transition from student to RN much easier.

    Good luck
  6. by   grnvillechick
    lori...we need young uns for sure !!! read this site alot to give you insight on what challenges lie ahead for you...agree with applying for cna..also have you thought about doing volunteer work while finishing high school at a local hospital or nursing home??? it would be good exposure for you. also..go to your local bookstore and get a few paperbacks written by nurses..under non-fiction...some accounts in the books will also reveal the wonderful world you are thinking about joining..and follow your not let anyone tell you not to be a nurse. i have been one ten years....and still love it... best wishes and keep us informed!!!
  7. by   canoehead
    For a realistic novel type book check out Echo Heron's "Intensive Care" . I have had to buy four copies so far because coworkers keep borrowing it and then saying to friends "you gotta read this" and the book just gets lost.
  8. by   LoriLovesMulder
    Thanks for responding! I hope that people will continue giving me some advice! And GrnsvilleChick, I have looked into volenteer work, but a ginacolagist (obgyn) that I know has been letting me come into her office to observe, and I've even had the oppertunity to see a delivery! (gross!!!) I am planing on going to EMT school this January, just for more experience, and for a job to get some extra money for school! (I know this isn't where the money is, but I will also get some experience!)
    What do you all think of this? Do you think it would help me, or that it would be a waste of time? Let me know, and thanks again for your advice thus far!
  9. by   lyndalous

    I definately recommend becoming a CNA. I live in NJ but I went away to school in WV and I was a CNA on all my school breaks. I loved it. It was great money, 15 hour, but most of all I learned my time management skills, how to prioritize, how to work with residents, and the nurses were always there teaching me things. I also voulunteered in a hospital for 100 hours plus during highschool just to get the feel of it.
    Good luck in your decision....

    And I posted on another thread on these boards about the Echo Heron books... I talked about them in there... I see someone else in here has read them too... great books, full of inspiration.... check it out!!!
  10. by   valk
    Lori, I was an EMT and a Paramedic for 5 years before I became an RN went to school while on the job, I don't regret it and it helped me with some aspects of clinical work You become very good at vitals, IVs, ECC, dressings, etc . The down side is It involves going into strange and sometimes unsafe neighborhoods, lots of heavy lifting & constantly hearing " what's a nice girl like you doing working on an ambulance?". There is A LOT of heavy lifting involved as an EMT.
    I've been an RN for 18 years. I've worked in med-surg, ER, ICU, Public Health and School Nursing. Do not be discouraged. There are so many areas of nursing that you are certain to find the one that is right for you.
    BTW watching a delivery grosses me out too