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  1. Hello, there,

    My name is Viki and I am new to this forum. I am in the process of applying to become a midwife as it something I have wanted to do for a very long time but never had the opportunity to do.

    I know that I have the personal qualities to make a great midwife but I have tattoos. I am worried that this could affect my chances of getting a job once I finish my training. Most of my tattoos can be covered by scrubs but i have a 3/4 sleeve on one arm and a small piece on my other wrist that could only be covered by long sleeves.

    I would love to hear from other people with tattoos or people who know of nurses or midwives with tattoos to hopefully put my mind at rest.

    I know this is the career path that I want to follow so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   TazziRN
    I personally do not like tattoos but unless they're the kind that seem to cover every inch of skin, I see nothing wrong with them. I have many coworkers with tattoos that are visible; admin says nothing as long as the designs themselves are non-offensive.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Viki and welcome. Am unsure about the tattoos in the UK. Here in the US - it would be okay.
  5. by   vlewis
    Thanks so much.

    My tattoos are, by my consideration, very not offensive. The visable ones are the words "carpe diem" in pretty writing around my wrist (could be covered with a watch) and the visible part of my 3/4 arm sleeve in very delicate oriental flowers and water and a scroll containing my son's name.

    Thanks you so much,

  6. by   Antikigirl
    I have a tattoo on my scapula of a caduesis that can be covered, so that isn't a probelm at all! No one is going to see that one. BUT, I do have a nose piercing that I have a small diamond chip in. Most people don't notice it because it is so small and clear...and I haven't had a probelm with this!

    I also have lots of piercings on my ears, but I will only wear one set if any, keep it professional or small. So that has never been a probelm either!

    Many of the nurses we have in our hospital (well MD's and staff) have tattoos that can be seen on occasion like on the wrist or ankle, and suprisingly many have nose rings, and much larger than mine! No probelms so far! In fact, I haven't heard of a single patient complaint on it, which would be worrysome to me, and I would gladly take my nose ring out if someone had a problem with it (it is established now, so it won't close up on me like 4 months ago..LOL!).

    I would ask the midwifery school what their stance is.