Advice Needed, what do I put on my job application??

  1. Hello everyone!!
    I thoroughly enjoy reading the threads and messages on this website, thanks to all for their input!!!
    I need some advice.
    I have been an RN for five years now. This past March I was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary emboli and have not worked since, I've been on disability. The past few weeks, I have been feeling very much improved (I was put back into the hospital for more clots end of may beginning of june). I want to go back to work, I hate not working and not earning my own money
    In April, while I was on disability, I was fired from my job. I was working at an Adult Day HealthCare facility, and had been working there from July of the previous year (so worked there for nine months total only). I feel I was unfairly fired, my boss stated her reasons for firing me were poor attendance (which is true, but now I know why I was not feeling well before my hospitilization) and poor performance (which is NOT true at all). I wrote a letter to the Board of Directors to give them my side of the story, but never received a response from them. Two months ago, the company that fired me, closed down due to lack of funds.
    My questions are these:
    What do I put on my application where it states "Reason for Leaving"? Do I put down that I was terminated? Do I say that I was placed on temporary disability and subsequently fired?
    What do I put down where it asks which employers do you not want your prospective employer to contact? Should I go ahead and request that they not contact my boss who fired me? She is not the smartest of people, and I'm sure that she will illegaly state to prospective employers that I was fired for poor performance and attendance.
    What do I tell prospective employers? I was diagnosed with bilateraly pulmonary emboli, I probably have a genetic disorder where I will most likely need to be on Coumadin life long, that is currently being explored. As previously stated the past few weeks I have been feeling 100% better, and I'm sure my physician will write a note for me stating I am okay to go back to work.
    Any input on this is greatly appreciated. I'm so nervous that no one will want to hire a "sick" nurse. I am only 28 years old
    I want to work in a SNF, as I enjoy that environment the most (sounds nuts huh), but I love working in geriatrics and it is my speciality since I've begun nursing.
    Thanks so much
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  3. by   Monica RN,BSN
    You have the option to leave it blank or write "will explain at interview" Then you an share your side of how you did not know why you were becoming ill. Then I would also suggest asking to be hired part time for two reasons: 1) to let them see you are dependable and trustworthly to prove a good attendance and performance record 2) To allow you to get back into the job slowly as to not take on too much too fast which can cause you to become ill again, and then result in an attendence problem which could also cause performance problems as well.
  4. by   ptnurse
    I would just tell them the truth, that I was ill for a period of time, but am much better now and looking for new opportunities. Reason for leaving last job--illness that is now resolved.
  5. by   MicheNurse
    Thank you all. I am becoming very concerned about this now. I didn't realize that becoming ill could become such a problem. It all seems a bit unfair really. I'm a good nurse, and a hard worker. I'm trying not to get too down, I haven't sent in any applications yet and have not therefore received any rejections. I thank you again for both of your advice. I'm leaning on telling them the absolute truth of course, I mean what if for some flukey reason I clot again? Of course, then they're going to figure it out.
    I need a lot of support. My MD will not extend my disability past September 9th and I only have enough money in savings to live 2-3 months without work at the most. I am not sure if I can apply for unemployment seeing as I was fired. Any advice in that area is much appreciated.
  6. by   SteelTownRN
    I think that a letter from your MD confirming your diagnosis and explaining that prediagnosis, you missed work during the diagnostic phase of your illness would be a good thing to ahve on you during your interview. That way, you can explain what happened to the person interviewing you, and then if they should call your former managerm it is the MD's documented professional word against hers. In that case she wouldn't look too great. However, I wonder if they can even contact her if the facility is now closed.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    I would go with honesty but to a point only. Don't lie, just explain during your illness you weren't able to work (true) and now that you are well again, you are enthusiastic and willing to take on new tasks (again true). I don't think I would I would volunteer that I was terminated unless directly asked. Good sounds like you are doing a lot better.