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  1. Hi I have a friend that attends LPN class with me, she is in her late 30's and has quite the scars on her arm (wrist area), as she had attempted suicide in her teenage days as she went through a rather taumatic experience. She is really quite self-conscious about her scars as they are really noticeable and wants to step out of the LPN class and well drop out. She has always wanted to be a LPN nurse as long as I have known her. Which is like forever. I don't want her to drop out because of the scars and I am hoping that I can find a alternative solution she can do or use to conceal these scars as she has quite a few of them. I anxiously wait to hear your input on what we can do about these scars. Your help is appreciated. Thank you
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  3. by   ebear
    Try Dermablend ?? Is she now emotionally stable? May need counselling to see what is making her want to drop out and why she is lacking the confidence to continue.

  4. by   tiffany311
    Hi most definately she is really emotionally stable, she has dealt with the issue long long time ago, almost 18 years ago. She said it is just shame, and the fear that other class mates would be gossiping behind her back and judging her. She just wants to conceal it some way.
  5. by   ebear
    OK GREAT!! Dermablend is an excellent product and comes in waterproof form. A lot of the plastic surgeons in my area also highly recommend Jane Airedale products.They are both available in better dept. stores at cosmetic counters. Good Luck!!!
  6. by   gonzo1
    we have a nurse who was a cutter in her younger days. She never tries to hide her scars, and no one has ever said a thing about them. If you get a chance tell her to hold her head up proudly, and to finish school because we need nurses with life experiences.
    Best of luck to her.