ADN -> BSN Programs.. Diploma Mill?

  1. Recently, my girlfriend (ADN as well) found a site that for approx. 12,000 can get her BSN from ?Bartlett University? I'm not sure if I have the name correct.

    Basically, from her 11 years of experience, and for that ammount of money, she can get her BSN. Future goals for her are primarily management.

    I am currently in a BSN completion course from Bethel College (NLN accredited). We are both pretty wary of programs based on "life experience"

    What all, if any experience / knowlege does anybody have? Any thoughts, feelings, or opinions are definatly welcome.
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  3. by   CSLee3
    ***Caution...any "university" that offers life credit towards a BSN is not going to be accredited. Otherwise, we would have tenured nursing assistants with BSN's. When looking at ADN to BSN programs....(yes, there are many), just make sure they are accredited from the NLNAC. BSN programs have many componants to their curriculum and to circumvent that process is just asking for trouble down the road. I shopped a long time before I settled on a BSN program. There are so many choices. Perhaps your friend wants an easy, quick sheep-skin. BUT, employers may and probably will verify degree/transcripts especially any state or gov't job. I hope she/he changes their mind.

  4. by   HyperTension
    She is not looking for an "EASY WAY" or she would have not chosen nursing at all. Nothing about being a nurse is easy. We all know that. When looking at prices, a small child to support and no financial aid, it is easy to see why people choose it.
  5. by   RunnerRN
    Actually, I don't quite understand why someone would choose one of those programs based on money. In my area, you can go ADN to BSN at a state university (best program in the state) for much less than $10,000. Plus, it is almost completely online. No, being a nurse isn't ever easy, but paying $12,000 just so you're a BSN? That's pretty shady.....
  6. by   AfloydRN
    You are missing the point- must be a man Anyway, it's very easy to see why someone w/ children would seek out an inexpensive program vs one you can't afford, right? With no financial aid available choosing where to go to school is usually based on $. Noone in healthcare got in it looking for an EASY way. We all know better than that now.
  7. by   kukukajoo
    Runner RN, can you post or PM me the program/ college you are talking of? I may be interested in something like that in the near future.