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Do you feel that you are rewarded by your facility by being a hard worker? Are you encouraged to educate yourself beyond the basic requirements? If so, do you feel like they offer you enough... Read More

  1. by   flowerchild
    deespoohbear: Thats a great idea, we should get paid per patient based on the acuity that the nurse themselves set!

    Now that would = Rewards Or would that just be fair?
  2. by   P_RN
    We used to have something similar to the caught in the was going the extra mile. They handed out one award a week.

    I quit believing in it when one candidate saw an accident, put out the fire in the car and then sucessfully performed CPR. The candidate who GOT the award helped someone move a desk across a room. After that most people quit even nominating.
  3. by   chicory
    ...."Working here is like working in a brothel....the better you are, the more you get screwed! "..............
  4. by   sjoe
    chicory--but the tips are better in a brothel. (or so I hear)
  5. by   ACNORN
    I kinda agree with Cheerfuldoer. If you are dependent on others for your happiness, you may be disappointed.

    But since you asked........
    I think my company rewards people very well. From my personal experience, my husband and I did some free consulting for my corporate office (outside the realm of nursing) and as a thank you, they sent us to the beach for the weekend.

    We also pay extra money per hour for certification in the nursing specialties that pertain to our patient population.

    For the everyday type of recognition, a supervisor, patient, or co-worker can write up a brief thank you for something you did well and in increments of two you get a cafeteria meal coupon, movie rental gift card, movie passes for two, and then a golf shirt and coffee mug. Then it repeats. I've watched a lot of movies "on the company".

    Lastly, I have a nurse who has stepped up to the plate during my current nurse manager vacancy and we intend to do something nice for her too. Don't know if it will be $$$, weekend get-away, or maybe a paid nursing conference. I don't get any inkling that she "expects" anything for her efforts. She just tells me that she is willing to help out as much as we need her to.

    Thats the great team of employees that I have. :kiss