1. I just renewed my acls. The first time I took the class, we were told that in the event of an emergency where there wasnt an md present - we could run the code until an md was available. I work in a large hospital thats attatched to a huge clinic. (I worked in the ER). We responded to all codes in the clinic and ground floor. This time, when I had my acls renewed - the instructor said that just because we were certified, it didnt mean that we could run it. But, we have to take the "portable/mini" crashcart - what good is it if we cant use it.? (Start giving medications,defibrillate, etc.) Is this policy different with each employer ? Whats the point in getting acls, if you cant use the information to treat pts?
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  3. by   hypnotic_nurse
    All I know is that we were told if there's no MD present, we are to call 911 (we are associated with -- but not part of -- a university hospital).

    So we have a crash cart but our only MD is part time. Luckily we don't see any fragile people; we're more likely to have to respond to someone collapsing in our parking lot on the way to the ER down the street (it's happened!).
  4. by   RN4NICU
    Strange. We (ACLS cert) still run the code if no doc available (or until doc is available) and the regular crash cart is still brought to the scene.