Accu Check Contraversy. Alcohol Vs. Water.

  1. I have had a disagreement on my method of doing Acu Checks.I have always cleaned the finger with just water as I learned that alcohol can add points to a blood glucose level. Others have told me that the alcohol evaporates and just water isn't enough to clean the finger.
    I've never had anyone get a "finger infection" and I wonder how many patients have gotten insulin for no reason.

    Any input? Know of any studies proving either case?
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  3. by   petulip in Alabama
    you do not say whether you are a CNA,or nurse...but the best rule of thumb is to go by the accu check manual...there are alot of school of thoughts out there...but realize that this pt is in a hospital full of germs...and nosocomial infections are a risk...stick with the antiseptic alcohol kiddo...a few points really doesn't add up to a hill of beans if it indicates the need for coverage
  4. by   TXERRN
    Any time you leave the finger wet, with water or alcohol, it will change the results. The American Diabetes Foundation says you can clean the finger with alcohol swabs or soap and water with good friction cleaning methods.So just make sure which ever method you use, the finger is dry before using the lancet. Diabetics often can't afford swabs and use just soap and water, often they reuse syringes throughout the day as well and don't have infections because they introduce their own bacteria.