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Hi everyone, This is my very first post and I have to admit I'm a bit nervous, not because I'm posting to this group, but because for the last 12 years I've worked in the computer industry as a... Read More

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    as cheerfuldoer stated in her reply to my original post, it will be important to get your spouse in your corner. especially in your case since he will have to take up some of the slack and he may become resentful if he doesn't see the same big picture that you do. i've also been a bit careful who i've told of my goals and aspirations as not everybody is very supportive. in my case, being a man, the sole provider, currently pushing the door to six figures in income and wanting to pursue a nursing career for a fraction of what i make now would cause a lot of people to think i'm stark raving mad. however, i think there comes a time is many peoples lives when they start to really question what it's all about. i get satisfaction out of helping people, period. when is all said and done its about the people you've touched along the way and the friends and family you have. good luck to you.
    no wonder your wife is looking at you oddly these days, hobbes! six figure incomes aren't that easy to come by! you must be wiped out doing what you currently do to trade that for nursing.......nothing against nursing.......but six figures??? any woman would look at their husband cross-eyed if he told them "oh, honey...btw...i'm going to give up our almost six figure income for a lowly three figure one, but don't you worry none, dear, at least i will be happy and doing something to help people." :chuckle i know i would flip out if i heard my husband telling me something of that nature, but being married to a soldier, i'm use to lowly missionary wages. :chuckle

    all i can say, hobbes, is you must truly believe you have a higher calling to enter nursing, because god doesn't call the "qualified" in life, he "qualifies those called" to a certain mission in life. you've got a calling if you enter nursing, that's for sure.
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    hi everyone,

    this is my very first post and i have to admit i'm a bit nervous, not because i'm posting to this group, but because for the last 12 years i've worked in the computer industry as a software engineer where i've been sucessfull (by societal standards) and gainfully employed but never really satisfied - and did i mention that i start nursing school in a month?

    i'd like to hear from others that have made the switch to nursing as second career and the obstacles you had to overcome.

    i plan on going to school parttime as i am the sole provider for my family (wife and 2 kids) and know it will be quite a while before i will actually be a nurse (4-5 yrs)

    my goal is to someday work in icu or er as that seems the most interesting and exciting to me.

    now, it's not too late for someone to talk some sense into me as i've yet to pay my tuition .... any takers? what am i getting myself into?

    all kidding aside, once i take the first step, i think this will be a real rewarding move for me.

    now the hard part is trying to convince my wife that i haven't lost my mind...
    chris, i just wanted to welcome you to the board and congratulations on starting nursing school next month!
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    Welcome Chris and good luck to you on your journey...I work with some wonderful nurses who happen to be male and they have found nursing to be both lucrative and rewarding! Best wishes!