About the education to the schizophrene (diabetes)

  1. @Hello. How are you? I am nightshift again tonight. I do incomprehensible contribution again. Forgive me. I think about the patient who has diabetes. A patient lived at home though he was schizophrenia. A meal treatment movement treatment was prescribed as a treatment for the patient. And, it was to use Inslin because CPR in the urine declined. The symptoms of schizophrenia appeared remarkably in one day, and he injected many Inslin's by himself. He was carried by an ambulance with the coma by the low blood sugar. Because it didn't breathe, control by the pulmotor was done soon. A patient is worried about the future life though he was recovered. The self-control of the blood sugar is thought to be very difficult. It is very difficult for the patient's family to take care of it in the distance. It is the state that it has himself, a worry. He lives alone if it becomes discharge from the hospital. If a mental symptom appears remarkably, he has the possibility to do what for to be the same. What is it doing with the education when patient's guidance isn't effective though general nursing copes with it?
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  3. by   nialloh
    Maybe a visiting nurse service would help. He might not be able to concentrate, but might learn through repetition. Then again, maybe not, but worth a try anyway.
  4. by   jemb
    Is the patient on anti-schizophenic mediation? If the schizophrenic symptoms can be prevented by medication, and he takes the medication continually, he should be able to manage his insulin administration also.

    However, it seems that he would need supervision with his medication for awhile to be sure that the symptoms of his illness are controlled. I agree with the other poster that a visiting nurse would be helpful. If that is not possible, does the patient have a relative or good friend that would assist him?
  5. by   renerian
    I had several clients at home with this type of illness and they were okay with daily nursing visits but with reimbursement being what it is today I would think it would be hard to do. Is the person on medicaid or medicare?

  6. by   Audreyfay
    Whew! This one is a tough one. We first of all have to look at what is safe for this person. They obviously are not safe alone. This would be the type of person that does best in a group home, where staff would help with the medication. Like above, or a visiting nurse. Unfortunately, I know that insurance frequently does not cover a visiting nurse for long term. What a dilemma!