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  1. by   GardenDove
    I was uninsured for most of my life, even after becoming a nurse. I'll never forget, after my 2d husband died in 1997, I still had two teenagers home from my first marriage and two girls from 2d husband who were barely 3years old, and 16 months old. I had been working 2 days a week in a local nursing home and we had a restaurant. His Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia took an unexpected turn into a high grade aggressive Lymphoma and he died after a nightmarish month long hospitalization.

    So, there I was with two babies, I had to quit my nursing home job as my husband was the babysitter, plus I had to suddenly deal with our restaurant, my baby was still nursing, I was up a creek without a paddle. I also had to deal with the enormous hospital bill from his illness.

    When the baby was 3 I got a job in a hospital 2 days a week in order to get hospital experience. My main income was Social Security for myself and the girls, and there is no medical coverage for children or surviving spouses under that program.

    At the time it was totally impossible to buy insurance in Washington State because the state had made a law making the pre-existing condition time period on health insurence to be 3 months, so every insurence company had pulled out of the state, except for group plans. So, there I was taking care of pts, many of them immigrants, and I had no health insurence because I didn't work enough hours to get it, and I was unable to buy it!

    Our current system is totally absurd. When someone is uninsured it adds an incredible element of stress and worry to their hospitalization as well.
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  2. by   pickledpepperRN
    Medicare seems to work pretty well.
    I get my mail
    I can dring the water here.
    The fire department puts out fires and provides emergency medical services.

    WE the people are the government. When people realize that to promote the general welfare WE will demand action.
    I personally think Medicare for everyone with a single high standard of care is the way to go.
    But the important thing now is to have the dialogue.