A Poll of actual CNA wages in the U. S. working directly at the bedside - page 3

To get an overall basic view of salaries in the United States as well as a rough average of salaries please take part. This is for nursing assistants who perform the duties as outlined by many... Read More

  1. by   SingDanceRunLife
    Anyone know about wages in upstate NY LTCFs?
  2. by   cna123
    Here in Ct Cna's make $9-$12 an hour without experience. The cost of living is so high we can barely make ends meet. LPN's make $20-$24 an hour plus shift differentials. Now that's pretty damn good.
  3. by   papillonailes
    I work for a non-profit skilled nursing facility in Seattle and make $14.35/hour plus shift differentials and good benefits.
  4. by   LMoonRN
    $13/hr with no differential in a LTC south of Boston. Nearby hospitals , I've heard as much as $19/hr plus differential.
  5. by   Nancy-KS_CNA
    hello I'm new here-but I am a CNA-have been since 2000. currently am studying for my BSN. But I had to comment here. In the area I live in many CNA's are lucky to make minimum wage. Maybe one or two places hire in at a bit more but not much. The highest I EVER made as a CNA was $8.00 an hour and thought I was lucky to get that. It all depends on where you live and what the cost of living is...
  6. by   Ms. MED
    Just wondering if any one knows what a CNA salary would be in the Iowa - Quad Cities Iowa Area?? Thanks, please Advice!!!