a new nurse wants to join the nursing discussions

  1. hi ! i have been trying to join your interesting nursing discussions but it does not seen like i can get through. if someone gets this message and wants to e-mail me i will apreiate it greatly. just let me know if you got it and what is the procedure to start a topic and then read your feedback. i am registered but i sent one message already and i am not sure it went through. thank you monica
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  3. by   Carer
    Hi Monica, Welcome tom this Nursing Board. If you want to post a topic you just click post new topic, Then when that page has loaded, You then type in your subject, then go to the large box benieth then write about your subject. Then when you have finished and are happy that everthing is correct. You can press Review, and then a box will appear with all that you have wrote as and when you are happy that all is right you press submit. Then your post is entered onto the board for others to read. If you have read a post that someone else has sudmitted and you want to post a reply just press the post reply button, and again the box will appear then you put in your repy to that certain post then press submit. Then that post is put under the last post to that reply. I hope that this is the information that you needed. And have fun on this board and happy posting. And Good Luck with the posting replys and new subjects.
  4. by   nur20
    We've got you,wrkoutgirl, Welcome
  5. by   wrkoutgirl
    hi Carer and nur20. thank you so much for writing back. you help me very well. thank you also for the welcoming. i am very excite about these discussions b/c i feel that they can be very helpful specially for us in this beautiful but stressful career. monica
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome to our family. Feel free to post on any topic, add a new thread on a hot topic, or just vent...we've got broad shoulders here.

    P.S. Don't forget to introduce yourself, brief bio at the off topic forum, you'll make CEN35 day.
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