A Male School Nurse, Omg ! ! !

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    [font=book antiqua]anyone know of a male nurse as a school nurse or is a school nurse? my mother (a retired school nurse) said to me that the one male nurse who had worked as a school nurse didn't last very long. i just don't think there is any difference between a school nurse being male and a school psychologist being male...maybe my mother is just too old school to possibly relinquish her bias.
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  3. by   JoshuaAdamsRN
    I don't know any, but I've decided it's my aspiration to become one.
  4. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Quote from jadamsrn
    I don't know any, but I've decided it's my aspiration to become one.

    Good luck! Enjoy your summers off lol!!!
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  5. by   sissyboo
    School nurse at my school was always female...some of them not so great, and I would've greatly appreciated another nurse several times.

    I think it might be a bit of an issue for teenage girls...and even if its not many of them will make it into one! (Just graduated HS..2006)

    Go for it though...kids need to get used to how the world works!
  6. by   MALE*RN*777
    I personally don't have a problem with it but in todays society young men with teenage girls is not a good mix. I also wouldn't want to put myself in that position to be accused of something. I would always want to have a female staff member with me if I would have to tx a female to witness no wrong doings. JMHO
  7. by   zenman
    I'm a male school nurse (6' 3", 220 lb) in an international school with 40 different cultures. The superintendent was a little leery about me at first but my extensive experience dealing with women helped, lol! :roll My wife, a teacher told him there would be no problems. When I first arrived, I sent a note to all teachers telling them that girls could go into our toilet at anytime, and without asking, for their girlie supplies. Now it seems I'm too popular as I get too many customers. I think some just like my tattoos or ear ring, but maybe it's my personality. Now, I get teenage girls asking me to give them meds to stop their periods during sports competitions or "can I get some waterproof pads for swimming!" One thing is for sure...I love my schedule! I do have a partner who is female for those times a girls wants a female.
  8. by   sidsmail
    Hi.. I'm a School Nurse.. Father of 3, Husband to an awesome teacher.. and eow, I am in the ICU Fri night and Sat night.. Love it.. Love the kids, Love the outreach!
  9. by   HollyHobby
    I think it is a totally wonderful thing for a male nurse to be a school nurse.

    One must be careful to avoid the appearance of misconduct, but this applies to everyone, everywhere.

    It's a great thing for kids to see that gender roles are not black and white anymore (and black and white aren't black and white anymore either, another great thing!) Let's move on into the 21st century.
  10. by   Batman25
    What a wonderful example to all the boys out there that men can be nurses too. It's refreshing to see a man as a school nurse. If they have the education and competency to do the job why not? I'm a big believer in schools having nurses and it's a shame not all do anymore.
  11. by   CT Pixie
    My daughter's grammar school nurse is a man. The kids love him as do the parents. He is a very LARGE man..stands 6'5 and 250#'s (yup, I asked ) and has a heart of gold and is very tender and caring with the kids. I don't care if you sit or stand to use the toilet..if you can do the job..kudos to you.