a lot of people tried to help Flores, including people he murdered

  1. http://www.nursinghands.com/news/newsstory.html?1004071
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  3. by   2amigos
    Thank you for posting this. What a waste for everyone concerned.
    Cheryl Moore
    So what if the school had taken further action due to the report filed? Had the school interevned due to his depression and attention seeking comments, he probably would have just viewed it as the school making another attempt to... bring him down, keep him out of nursing school, whatever. From the sounds of his letter, it appears to me that he had gotten a feeling like everyone was out to get him.

    Definately a waste. Coulda, shoulda, woulda......

  5. by   oramar
    It is easy to identify people who are paranoid. However, only a very small number of those people are actually dangerous. NO ONE, can really say which people are going to go off and which are not. Warning signs are increasing isolation and aggitation. Buying a gun is a bad sign, making threats is a bad sign. There are plenty of people who act like this and talk like this and never do anything. They create this fantasy world in which others are responsible for their problems. It is an escape for them to avoid taking responsiblity for their troubles, it is what blocks them from making progress. It is USA, the goverment, the aliens or the nursing professor, the guy down the street or Walt Disney. It is never them causing their own problems. If we had adequate mental health care in this country, most people in this state of mind would recieve attention. Events like this would be much less frequent. I refuse to blame the victims. PS This tirade failed to mention that many people turn to street drugs to help them deal with their mental state, needless to say things only get worse.
  6. by   almostanurse
    well said oramar. Ive had experiences with a person like that. nothing thay do is their fault. always looking over there sholder. and boy do they hold a grudge. If you have a bad day, and we have all had those days ware you just say something you didnt mean, they never forget. It could be 4 years later and they would remember and be spitefull because of it. boy you hit the nail on the head.
  7. by   sjoe
    Walt Disney! I like that. He DID kill Bambi's mom, after all.
  8. by   oramar
  9. by   sanakruz
    Not to turn this into a gun control debate again, but do you think this guy went deer hunting with his glock? (That's not what Walt killed Bambis mom with....)
  10. by   Roland
    is that while it offers enourmous opportunity for gain, some people WILL lose. The problem is when people don't want to be "good" losers. Flores would have been better off pursueing a two year electrician apprecticeship (when it became clear he would flunk out) and making 50K a year in a trade than ending it all. Heck, for that matter he could have probably moved to Canada and escaped his student loans, child support obligations, received free health care AND financial assistance to boot! If no other message comes out of this tragic incident then this should. If life seems to bleak to face in the US, instead of committing murder, move to Canada.
  11. by   pebbles
    Originally posted by Roland
    If no other message comes out of this tragic incident then this should. If life seems to bleak to face in the US, instead of committing murder, move to Canada.
    I really don't think this person's paranoia and personal problems/issues would have been resolved by our (expensive) social safety nets. Canada does not want your failures and your nut-cases. It's not like life is perfect up here, either.

    As far as escaping child support obligations, etc - I think you may be misinformed. I thought the canadian government had a good record of co-operating with american authorities to make sure that people ARE held up to responsibiliries such as this. Please don't talk about canada as if it's "home free" in a game of tag.
  12. by   Roland
    refugee status for the asking until a hearing could be held (in some cases up to a year later). However, I had also read that Canada was in the process of tightening up that process. In any case there is a great deal of land of in the Yukon, and Northwest territories where I doubt anyone would go out of their way to find you (unless you were wanted for a felony). While this is far from an "ideal" lifestyle it beats killing a bunch of people and then yourself. Heck, for that matter he could have probably worked on a crab fishing boat in Alaska. Hard, dangerous work, but at least he could have made decent money (up to 40K for a months work even with little experience). Again it beats murder and suicide.
  13. by   2ndCareerRN
    but do you think this guy went deer hunting with his glock?
    In this case probably not. But I know several people who hunt with pistols, Glocks included.

    I personally hunt with my Colt Python, my Smith and Wesson N Frame, and my Desert Eagle in .50cal. Depending on the animal, I would hunt with a Glock in the appropriate caliber, if I had any use at all for Glocks, which I don't. And many times I just hunt with my camera and a very good telephoto lens.

    So, I guess I am one of the gun nuts that was refered to on one of the other threads?

  14. by   pebbles
    Originally posted by Roland
    Again it beats murder and suicide.
    Sure it does... you go nuts faster with isolation, though.... You suggesting the canadian wilderness as an alternative to this man's unfortunate mental health issues was just a bit too flippant for me. He can go hide in the washington mountains...
    Still doesn't change how he feels, the causes of those feelings - or even necessarilly change how he deals with it. The ONLY thing is that in canada there is LESS access to guns - but yeah, people still have guns, both legal and illegal, so shootings still happen. People still violently lash out at others though - for any and all reasons. Moving them around the globe is NOT a solution.