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  1. by   WashYaHands
    If this guy can find the time and motivation to write a 22 page letter in APA format contemplating murder and lamenting over his hard life, perhaps his time would have been better spent actually studying for those courses he failed. And, his financial situation was in such disarray, yet he had the financial capacity to purchase a concealed weapon permit, 5 guns, and at least 200 rounds of ammunition (found on his person).

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  2. by   pebbles
    I think it all comes down to the concept of "personal responsibility"....

    To what extent are people exempt from responsibility for a)their problems, and b) how they deal with their problems....?
  3. by   sjoe
    Good points, Linda.
  4. by   oramar
    Quote from oramar
    It is easy to identify people who are paranoid. However, only a very small number of those people are actually dangerous. NO ONE, can really say which people are going to go off and which are not. Warning signs are increasing isolation and aggitation. Buying a gun is a bad sign, making threats is a bad sign. There are plenty of people who act like this and talk like this and never do anything. They create this fantasy world in which others are responsible for their problems. It is an escape for them to avoid taking responsiblity for their troubles, it is what blocks them from making progress. It is USA, the goverment, the aliens or the nursing professor, the guy down the street or Walt Disney. It is never them causing their own problems. If we had adequate mental health care in this country, most people in this state of mind would recieve attention. Events like this would be much less frequent. I refuse to blame the victims. PS This tirade failed to mention that many people turn to street drugs to help them deal with their mental state, needless to say things only get worse.
    I wrote this 5 years ago. I have no memory of the post or the incident, but if someone else had written it I would say it was a pretty good post. To bad I mispelled Paranoid in the title. LOL