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  1. Hello Everyone!!

    I have a quick question...I'm still a student working on my prerequisites in order to get my RN. I'm really not sure if what I'm thinking will work well...My hope is to finish school and start working in 3-4 years and start having children in 4-5 years...My question is this...would it be possible to work only part time after I have kids? I'm hoping to work maybe Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 3rd shifts only. Is this an option for me? I didn't think this would be a problem but my husband seems to think it may be. The way I look at it is that I would be guaranteed weekend staff.

    I was also thinking about flex nursing...how does that work? Can I choose whether I want to work when they need me or am I at the re beck and call? If anyone has any helpfull info on my above mentions part-time schedule plan or about flex nursing I would be very greatful!! Thanks in advance!

    ~Bean (Michelle)
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  3. by   hoolahan
    Oh heavens woman, they would eat you up like candy!!

    That is the one good thing about nursing, you really can flex your schedule. But flex time does not mean you can start an hours later and stay an hour later. Pt's must be covered without interuption. What you want is per diem or baylor plan.

    Tell hubby to relax, you can pretty much write your own ticket if you want to work extra weekends. I did that, and it works great when kids are small.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    Yup, Michelle, like Hot Lips said! I was on staff at several facilities on a PRN basis and scheduled the shifts around my family schedule for 25 some years. It's a great perk being in control of your own schedule. Of course, you will not get benefits as a pool or PRN nurse. You may have to look around for what you want and compromise, but working weekends only will not be a problem at all--I know lots of nurses who go back to school after their kids are bigger, and they work weekends too! Good luck to you!If you live in a metro area, there is always agency work too for the big bucks once you get some experience under your belt.

  5. by   Hooligan
    Thanks for the replies! I didnt' think that would be a problem...I just wanted to check with the experts!

    Hoolahan, what do you mean by per diem or Baylor plan?

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  6. by   mcl4
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by bean 76
    [B]Thanks for the replies! I didnt' think that would be a problem...I just wanted to check with the experts!

    I have been working the third shift every other weekend schedule since 1991 due to children and I like nights. We have avoided using daycare since my husband would watch my younger children while I sleep. If I pick up a shift it generally is on the weekend because there is a staffing need and a bonus.
    This to me is one of the advantageous of shift work while the disadvantage is having to miss a few events that are planned on the weekend.
  7. by   lever5
    per diem refers to working only days you pick, you get a higher salery but no benefits. They usually specify a number of days per month and holidays per year.

    baylor, fast-track, and other names are attached to jobs that are only weekend. These jobs usually pay better also. Sometimes with benefits, sometimes not.
  8. by   Hooligan
    Thanks lever5!