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  1. by   groovy jeff
    Right on Sister !!

    I really try not to look at post about jobs; to much negative energy and I don't need any more of it.

    I knew 4 years ago that the recession was coming and put myself in the position to take advantage of it. Just bought a $600,000 home for $220,000, bought a new truck for $10,000 off sticker, etc. However, I didn't think that there would be a shortage of nursing jobs. My biggest fear right now, besides financial, is that my skills will get increasingly stale and I will be mediocre at best.
  2. by   NewAggieGrad09
    I feel your pain! I didn't become licensed officially until today...just got my results. However, I have been "job hunting" since April. ONLY ONE call-back....got ONE interview...but did not get the job. Doesn't matter because I needed my license by July 16th...and here I am, just not getting it. Too bad I have my pride...because working as a stripper while I wait would pay great LMAO j/k...kinda
  3. by   fett
    I am sorry it is so difficult out there. Our nurse to patient ratio is 1 to 4 and patient satisfaction surveys are running around 96%. We look for people who are enthusiastic team players who look and act professional and most of all, show up! It is scary to hire a new grad because you don't know if he or she will be dependable and/or teachable.
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  4. by   lperkrn
    Thank you for your "day in the life" piece. Nicely written and refreshingly true, but things will turn around and then we'll all get jobs where we want to be. I have to have some optimism...
  5. by   landesmummy
    Thank you very much for such an eloquent look at my probable life after December 16th--graduation for me, finally!! Then the N-CLEX & then...best of luck to you & to all of us new grads. I have been looking into volunteer positions & its crazy...'How many years experience do you have?' is one of the first things out of anyone's mouth...
  6. by   asgastonia
    I agree 100%. The only diffrence is I graduated from a major medical centers school, and thought that would give me leverage to work there after graduation. Ididn't even get a interview. Luckily i got a part time RN position at the nursing home I was employed at for 9 years as a CNA. I question my decision to become a nurse. I can't support my children on my salary much less pay back student loans that are about to come due. Discouraging.
  7. by   MrsW1109
    I would seriously send this into a local newspaper or something. That is the best description of new grad nurses...

    That being said, it took me 4 months to find a job. I finally found one in a skilled nursing facility, but they didn't have any job openings posted online. They were close by so I went in and asked for an application.

    Have you tried looking into the Mollen Immunization clinics? RNs are paid $22/hour. I don't know if they are still hiring, but it's worth a shot. They don't care about experience, they welcome new grads.

    And to those who think that you may be able to work as a CNA though you are a licensed RN.. It's not likely. Most places will not hire you below your license due to 2 big reasons. 1) You will leave the second something with a higher pay comes along, and 2) there is a possibility of your overstepping your job description because you are licensed and you know what you're doing. Sad, but that's what I was told from the hospitals around here.

    Good luck to all. I want to scream everytime I hear about the nursing shortage!
  8. by   kaufer01
    Hah, story of my life right now. I ended up going the AmeriCorps route. Not nursing, but a job. Hopefully it will help, it's sort of in the medical field...

    Mom is trying to convince me that I should apply to one of the hospitals I previously applied for, she checked and they have jobs posted. I looked, they're for 1-2 years experience, even though Mom says they're not.
  9. by   Torleda
    I am currently in school for Health Care Administration with the University of Phoenix. After speaking to my academic counselor I decided that I might want to look into nursing because just like the rest of everyone here, I had been hearing that there is a demand for nurses and I thought heck that could be a wayf or me to give back. After weighing my options and looking on the job sights just to see what was out there I see a lot of positions but most importantly the fact that you will need 2 or more years experience. I currently have no experience in the nursing world and so I am thinking that I to should start volunteering. After completing my Associates Degree with the University of Phoenix I will be transferring over to a technical school to get my LPN. I am sure that nursing is the career path for me as I am truly a people person and I love to help other's. I must admit though after reading some of these post I am starting to feel like nursing is a tuff market to enter right now with everyone trying to jump on the band wagon. Since my graduation day is not even close at this point, I am sure hoping that the economy or freeze starts to lift not just for myself but for everyone that is looking for work.

    I am enjoying this site already and this is my first day on. I am sure I will learn a lot here and find other really interesting topics like this one to shed some insight on my chosen career path -Nursing.

    Thank You All
  10. by   Nurselacey
    Come to Washington state..There are jobs in LTC, clinics etc.. a bit more difficult to get into a hospital as a new grad--but possible. I was offered two residency programs but I went into psych nursing.
  11. by   chelcgirl88
    First off, very well written. I totally feel your pain 100%. I graduated from an ADN program in May. I went to school straight from high school so I lack a long list of previous employers but the 2 that I do have, one in high school for a year, the next from 3/06 to present-- but only work 1 day a week... Was great when I was in school 30+ hours a week, but not so much now. Needless to say, I dont have experience in healthcare. I graduated number 2 in my class, got several academic awards, an award given for all around success in classroom and clinical experiences, many references, several referals from previous instructors, but obviously, that isnt enough in this day and age. And the question I hate most these days... "So what are you doing now...?" I am soooo sick of explaining that the nursing shortage is for experienced nurses. Then the next question... "How do you get experience if you cant get a job?" I want to reply, "If I knew, I'd have a job!!!" When I finally got hope that something might come through this month as I interviewed back in April for a job that I really wanted, didnt get in for the June orientation, called multiple times over the summer to touch base and was hoping to get in the October hiring, I find out they filled the positions internally with their CNA's or whatever who went to RN school.... Couldn't they have told me that back in July or August when I called rather than making me feel like I had a good chance!! But your point I most agree with, I tried to volunteer as well at several local hospitals, and I can't say I was denied, but more was discouraged as they told me they seeked someone who could guarantee a long term dedication to X amount of hours a week and since I told them my circumstances, they knew I'd applied for a RN job and was waiting to get hired... Sooo I sit here, search locally, seach regionally, seach nationally for something, anything, whatever!!

    Oh and my favorite: Trying to go in person thinking that this would make a difference... Sooo I devote a day to go to various hospitals to hand my resume in and talk to a recruiter(i had hoped). About 11:00AM I go to the hospital I most desired. They send me to their recruitment office at a central location for the whole organization. After going through traffic and finding the office, its about 12:05 when I get to this destination. Guess what... Lunch 12-1. So I go to the next hospital on my list which is usually a 30 min drive max! I dont get there til 2 because of the horrible traffic. I go in, security guard stops me and asks me if he can help me. I say, "Just looking for human resources." ... "Oh, they aren't in this building anymore..." and he precedes to tell me where it is. I go to this location, around a wreck that slowed things up again, find this office, go in. Nice young lady sitting at the desk... "Hi, im a new graduate RN and I wanted to speak to your recruiter to find out about any opportunities that you all may have." and guess what... "Oh shes at lunch still, heres her card." (which i called and never got a call back). Soooo back to my last stop as lunch MUST be over by now... and it is, so I go in and am greeted by the secretary. She asks what she can help me with... I tell her something similar as I told the previous secretary... And she responds, "They are telling new grads to apply online." Well, I did that starting back in May, this is July. I had to think of a way to get to a recruiter.... "Well, I wanted to talk to a recruiter because the initial paperwork I sent in has changed. Ive gotten my license now and I also would like to be considered for more facilities than I originally stated." It was the truth, but not a big deal as I'd applied since so they probably knew that... But STILL no luck. I felt as if the recruiters were secret agents or something and locked behind closed doors... Same thing has happend multiple times since. I feel like Im just wasting my time and paper by printing off resumes to hand out to not get to speak to anyone with any pull!

    Well thats my rant to get my negativism off my chest for a minute! I feel better! Ha! Back to positive thinking! Good luck to all of you new grad RNs, and as I keep telling myself, something will open up... Its got to eventually!
  12. by   kbrn2002
    Wow! Your story makes me feel incredibly fortunate that I have a job. I guess I entered the job market at the right time - there were sign on bonus' for nurses 9 years ago...my how times have changed. I don't know what constructive advice I can give as it really does sound like you and your fellow new nurses are doing all you can. All I can do is offer compassion and moral support. You will find that job! Your first job might not be your dream job, but you will find it. Best of luck to you and don't give up on your dreams!
  13. by   holleritup
    great article! and to think, they might be importing more foreign nurses next year when a lot of us BSN grads from here do not have simple staff jobs.