A beatiful Pic (Fireman with angel)

  1. This is an ice sculpture made by a lady in Timmins, Ontario for our
    winter carnival this year. She won!

    not sure if this will work, we will see!
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  3. by   Zhakrin
    Anyone know how to post a attachment. I have tried and it never attachs. Its the right file type. This pic is really nice and I would love 4 you all to see it.

    thank you
  4. by   NurseDennie
    I've seen two ways to post a photo here. One is to add it as an attachment which people can download. The other is to either find the picture you want on the internet or install it on the internet and post the link to it. If you just find it, you can't control it, and you might be linking to something that changes.

    It's an incredible sculpture! You can see it at:



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  5. by   NurseDennie
    This one looks like the photo with the angel added. It was a photo of a real NY firefighter - and probably a real angel, to think of it!

    This is added as an attachment so the page won't change.


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  6. by   NurseDennie
    This is the same sculpture from a different angle. I like it because there's a person to give you an idea of the scale. I was blown away by the artistry! Can you imagine carving fingers in an ice sculpture???


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  7. by   Hooligan
    That is amazingly beautiful!!! My husband showed me that when somone on his BB posted it there. Thanks so much for posting it here too so that I may see it again!!

  8. by   Zhakrin
    thank you Dennie for the pic.

    For some reason several of the BB options do not work properly with my account. I have read the FAQ but I still cannot:

    attach a file;
    change my status (under user name)
    cannot delete a posting I made,
    or use the vB codes.

    oh well thank again Dennie it is truly a beatiful peace of art.
  9. by   Mary Dover
    What's ironic is that my daughter in law emailed the picture to me this morning, after I had checked it out right here last night. She and I had not even talked about it.
  10. by   prn nurse
    and give it a couple of minutes to download, and u see the ice carving, meet the creator and can read her comments about the world-wide emails she has received...
  11. by   NurseDennie
    Yeah, prn nurse - that's the link I used as well


  12. by   Teshiee
    That is very beautiful. :-)
  13. by   Agnus
    I can barly see through my tears as I type this.