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I will be done with my ADN in May, and I was wondering-Are 8 hour shifts better, or are 12 hour shifts?... Read More

  1. by   rn-jane
    my schedule use to be 2- 8's and 2-12's every week, but usually on my 8's they would call me in to do OT anyways to fill in those extra hours.(i work nights) Since september i've been doing 3 twelve hour shifts(all night ), i love it, the pay is a little less, but the benefits i get with my family during the off time, i would not trade for anything. I know people still doing 5-8's nightshift(yuck), talk about poor exhaustion.
  2. by   uk_nurse
    i do 14 hour shifts. At our hospital you do 8hrs (5 days) or 14 hrs. The majority do 14 hrs (3days). Very hard and tiring days
  3. by   PJMommy
    I like 12s. It seems like an 8 hour shift barely gets you started before you are finished for the day. I'm tired after a shift, whether it is 12 or 8 hours, and get little accomplished. My philosophy is to get it over in 3 days and be done for the week. I came to nursing from a desk job and I'm constantly amazed at how fast 12 hours goes by while on the floor. If I'd have had to spend 12 hours at the computer/desk, I'd have gone looney!!
  4. by   1OldDinosaurRN
    i've just recently come back to floor nursing after a long stint as adon/don (at same hospital). i like 12 hour shifts, and prefer them in a row. most of the other rn's like their shifts in a row also (do them and get them over with). i agree about the 10 hour "wind down" time. i usually try and schedule a walk/snack break around my usual down time, and that helps to perk me back up. personally, i don't see how a nurse can get it all done in only 8 hours.:chuckle my biggest problem is once i get my second wind, then when i get home i can't get to sleep for awhile. i usually keep a paperback beside my bed and read a few pages to help with that. avoid the caffeine as much as possible, especially in the late part of the shift. i think 12's would be hardest on the nurse that has a long drive. i only live about 4 miles (or less) from my hospital so i don't have that problem. we have traditional 12 hour shifts 7am to 7p and then 7p to 7a. i think i would croak if i had to work midnight to 12 noon, because the last 4 hours is the busiest time of the day--and i have already been there for 8??? no thanks!