7 Ways to Sabotage Your Own Success in Nursing School - page 2

You can easily find an article, book or tipsheet on how to succeed in nursing school. Most nursing programs offer an "orientation" to the program and dedicate time on the agenda to discuss student... Read More

  1. by   J.Adderton
    I hope your words bring encouragement to students struggling to "fit it all in". Great way to use the powerpoints.

    Quote from JBMmom
    I totally agree with tonyl1234. Some people like to make anything in life out to be a monumental challenge. Nursing is a challenging degree, but so are many other degrees in college. I've been through a few degrees myself, and the students I heard complaining most about all the other stuff they must be missing because they were working so hard, were the nursing students. Yes, you're going to miss some stuff because of school, but you don't have to live like a hermit and be miserable. I was in school while working full time and raising three young kids. I missed some time with them, but I still had plenty of time to coach soccer, teach swim lessons and Sunday school and spend quality time with family and friends.

    The only other point I would add that in addition to going to class, be engaged. My first degrees were way back before the days of powerpoint so we had to listen and take all of our notes on blank paper. When I returned years later for nursing school I found that they would give out a powerpoint, and then some professors would just read it. Students were texting, playing angry birds (I obviously went a while back), and every now and then look at the powerpoint. I took my notes on a blank sheet of paper and then used the powerpoint as a study guide. I think it cut my study time in half because I was engaged the first time around. Other students thought I was crazy, but it worked for me.

    Good luck to current nursing students, you can do this.