2nd interview...dont know what to think

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  3. by   Purple_RN
    Hi Maia 1212,

    I think you need to go with you gut instincts. If you didn't feel right during the interview it is probably a good indication that this job wasn't for you. Also like you I think it is kind of odd that only CMAs are interviewing you. Of course if you are not sure about whether or not you would want to work at this place just yet, decide after you go to your other interview this Monday. At least than you will have all your options open. I hope that the interview on Monday goes well and you enjoy it more than the place you interviewed with today. If you don't mind me asking what kind of place will you be interviewing with on Monday? Keep me posted

    Good Luck,

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  4. by   TX Guy

    These are all bad signs!

    Go with your gut!

  5. by   shrinkyrn
    sounds like you were being interviewed with the "team" you would be working with. If you don't get a good sense of them now--- working with them will probably be a huge mistake-- Run, Run with the wind!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   MrsK1223
    I think so too Paul. Purple, I had interviewed with a GI Lab a few days before I found an opening at this Neuro office and was offered the job but I went ahead and interviewed at the neuro office...and then they out of the blue called me in for the second interview after I was scheduled for orientation but I thought what would it hurt to go to the second interview...thinking I might have the job (based on the 1st interview). Anyway...think I'll go for the GI lab.
  7. by   BadBird
    My motto says it all "trust your instincts" You are a professional and smart enough to know when something just isn't right.
  8. by   Stargazer
    This office sounds like bad news. I agree, go for the GI Lab.
  9. by   SirJohnny

    - I've been through the interview process multiple times in the past 4 or 5 years in the Computer Science industry and can relay a few things to you. Even though nursing and Computer Science are different fields, the interview process does (in my opinion) overlap.

    - Don't laugh. But knowing how to interview is just as important of a skill as knowing how to be a nurse or a software engineer.
    When interviewing, you gotta know how to play the game.

    - Sure, right now the nursing market is tight - and you can go where you want to. But, what happens when the "dream job" comes along. That's when you'll wish you had good interview skills.

    That being said, here are a few suggestions:

    1. Get the book: "Knock 'Em Dead 2003" by Martin Yate. This is an interview book that discusses interview strategies and provides about 200 managerial type questions and recommended answers.

    2. Regarding the two interviewers. They were what we call the "incompetant interviewer". Did you ask for a business card? You want to do this, so you can send an e-mail and possibly a US-mail thank-you letter.

    If they do not have business cards - then throw up another red flag. They were probably not serious about the offer or already had their minds made up.

    3. Regarding your previous employer.

    - You need to state that you left so that you could broaded or expand your skill set. Relate how this new company you are interviewing with can help you in that regards. In other words, why do you want to work for this new place.

    - What you did was create a confrontational situation by placing blame on your previous employer. How do you know new employer doesn't use non-nureses? YOU DON'T. But, the people interviewing you were non-nurses.

    - So now you have this conflict. Big no...no...

    - What you did, is show that you can't get along with people. This is why you need to get a good interview prep book and read it. It shows you how to avoid interview pitfalls. (Note: I am not saying that YOU don't get along with people - I am saying that you came across to these two ladies as one who cannot get along with people. Not a personal attack on you by me).

    - What you wanted to do, was create a dialog with these people. So you state that you want to expand your skill-sets.
    (YOU DID RESEARCH THE NEW COMPANY BEFORE INTERVIEW - I HOPE???) So you mention what you have learned about the new company (even if from just their web-site).

    You should have asked these ladies what particular area they are working in/on. Do they have this type of equipment you want to work on. (You can fill in the nurse stuff here - as I am in the comp sci field). Whatever.... You want to turn this into a conversation.


    - Remember: There are two parts to an interview:

    - The managerial part: Where you talk about you in general. Why do you want to work here? What did you like most about your past job? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
    etc. etc. etc.

    - The techical skills part. But you already know how to do this part.

    So concentrate on the managerial type questions.


    - Gotta run,

    John Coxey
  10. by   valk
    Yes, you do need to know how to play the game, but another reason for interviewing is to see the job is right for you.

    Better to find out that the place is not a good fit during the interview than pass up other opportunities & end up in the 5th circle of hell.

    Good luck with the GI lab Maia
  11. by   fab4fan
    Nursing is very different from the computer world...'nuff said.

    I say "go with your gut" too. Just look at one of the answers you got...that they "wouldn't do nursing tasks unless..." Unless what? Hey, you're not a nurse, you don't do nursing tasks, period.

    I had a similar situation when I worked in a clinic; the office mgr. rode me all day long, and I wasn't even under her supervision; I reported to the medical director. But she was so angry that she was not in charge of me that she found other ways to make my life miserable. And the whole time I was there, she kept campaigning to be made in charge of me. That never happened, and I think it really pissed her off that she was not in charge of me (she was in charge of the LPN's and the MA's).

    Things might work out, but in all probability, it will be a bad scene. Move on!
  12. by   2banurse
    Maia, it is probably good that you had this second interview. If the first interview went fine and they hired you right away, you would have had to work with these two. (UGH!!!)

    I think that some people forget that interviews are two-sided. I understand that sometimes it gets to the point where a person needs a job (especially with the current economic situation with layoffs in all areas), but I would rather be in a job that I enjoy for the most part and get a smaller wage than work for a position with constant stress for a big wage. If you don't feel comfortable during the interview process, chances are you won't feel comfortable in that job.

    Best of luck with the GI job...If not that, something better will come along.

  13. by   RNonsense
    ...ew...move on...like Stargazer said, the place is bad news. Good luck with the GI lab!
  14. by   MrsK1223
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