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  1. by   tvccrn
    Quote from porcelina22
    II personally believe that if the tattoo and piercing cultrue took more proactive steps, like being regulated as outpatient surgical centers are, we would find less of these stories.
    I live in Wisconsin and here the tattoo places and the body piercing places are subject to state regulation and annual inspection. From this post, am I to assume that it's not that way in every state?

  2. by   mom23RN
    I think, as with EVERYTHING ELSE, there is a risk. The problem is that those risks are so brushed over by the tattoo artists, doctors, dentists, etc. that we just assume everything is safe nowdays.

    Every time you go under general anesthesia there is a chance you will die. For the most part we don't think about it and the anestesiologists really "gloss" over it when they're talking about risks. Well... for every rare few it becomes a reality.

    Every time you poke a hole in your skin whether it be for surgery or for a piercing/tattoo there is a risk of infection. Yes, it's rare, but every once in a while you will have someone who will die or suffer very severe consequences because of it.

    I think we need to be realistic and share those facts. "Yes, if you're going to have an elective surgery there is a risk of death. It is a very real risk that does not happen often, but could very well happen to anyone."

    Personally I don't mild piercings. They're not for me personally, but I'm just waiting for the day my daughter comes home with one!!! :smackingf
  3. by   Deliasgone
    The henna scarring was likely due to black henna, which is not supposed to be used and the people who do use it should know better. It will cause permanent scarring among other things. Black henna is very popular among the street vendors that line boardwalks and fairs because it is cheap and it looks more like a tattoo. Raw henna should appear green in its powdered form and it should be a brown color when it is mixed into paste. The end result should be a rusty brown color on your skin. Pure henna is actually quite safe and has beautiful results when properly applied. Just watch out for any henna that is called by any color or has any additives. Also, if it looks black or dark blue when the artist is applying it, stop them, ask what is in the henna, and wash it off immediately! Please don't be discouraged by the bad apples out there as far as henna tattoos go. Like I said, the end results are usually very pretty and the process of applying it (in a traditional group setting) is quite an experience.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    I waited till I was older to get piercings or tattoos, like in my late twenties. I have had my share of medical experiences with them as well as a few small infections.

    My belly ring got infected once when I changed out to a different ring and I was allergic to the metal. A tattoo/piercing artist told me how to handle it and it cleared up in a few days...her are some of the tricks...

    One: DO NOT use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean the piercing! That drys the area leaving it open to cracks that can harbor infection. Normal abx ointment does well. If you can put a cover over the area great, but if not just the ointment and regular cleanings with water.

    Two..cleaning in areas with larger tunneling (like belly rings) piercings...okay this may freak some folks out but it works! Take a embroidrey needle...a larger one...loop some dental floss through it and get abx ointment on the dental floss. Put through piercing and pull through the piercing...that way the entire piercing is treated. I did it even though I was like "oh this may hurt"...It didn't because I was extremely careful and well...pain for me is very self limiting..LOL!

    Three...keep clean and rather dry. Protect the area if it is being rubbed by clothing a lot with dressings or what not to stop any trauma during this time by the ring moving.

    I use to work for a volunteer medical organization that dealt with outdoor concerts and I became the "Piercing queen" becuase for some reason I am very good with dressings. I protected folks piercings (certain ones!!!) from trauma if they were going body surfing or moshing. I had a line a mile long during changes of sets some times! And I was excellent at helping with pulled out rings, and a few times I would get a MD (also volunteer) to put in a few sutures on some.

    And FYI...I have a belly ring, 4 on each ear, and a small tiny nose ring..and a tattoo. At work I only wear one set (if that) on my ears and the nose ring is barely noticable and has not causes any probelms (we are talking smaller than a diamond chip!). Tattoo is on scapula so it can't be seen. I just wear my rings when I am out and about.