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If you all could name 10 things you think are ESSENTIAL for an older nurse (more than 15-20 years on the job) to know, what would they be? I know it's hard to pick just 10, but I didn't want... Read More

  1. by   heartrhythm
    courtesy tab??? You lost me there.

  2. by   babsRN
    Sorry for not explaing what a courtesy tab is...you know how awful it is for you and the patient when you have to sit and pick off a piece of tape that has cemented itself to the patient's skin? Well, my most valued lesson is to always leave a tab of tape thats turned back on itself so the person having to peel it off has somthing to start pelling with.
    I know its a little thing...but it's the little things in life, right?
    The nurse who taught my this also taught me that the gesture shows respect for the patient and the next nurse having to change the drsg.
  3. by   heartrhythm
    Gottcha!!!! You are absolutely right. It saves the patient's skin and you don't waste time digging and scratching for what seems like an imaginary end.

  4. by   Jenny P
    Teeituptom, you have THE BEST advise of all! Thanks!!!!!
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Oh I got one!!

    Even though I may be considered an old grad by some I work with even more 'seasoned' than myself.....hehehehe. Some in their 60's.... and VERY ummm set in their ways, shall I say?

    Remember there are lot of ways to get to the same goal (and your way may NOT be the best way.....so don't insist on it)

    Actually same advice could apply to new grads just out of school where they were told "THIS is the right way".....Be open!!!
  6. by   heartrhythm
    "Mattsmom81" hit that one right on the head. There is more than one way to skin a cat! If your means to an end are "patient-friendly" and professional then be open to learn something new every day. That is what keeps us young in mind and spirit, creative and fun to work with anywhere!!!!
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