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Hello all, I'm starting this thread for the new applicants for the hrsa nursing scholarship 09-10. Tor prettylady, I think its a random selection. Its the luck of the draw.... Read More

  1. by   vikings203
    Thanks Deevee12. I was lost on that. I thought that they made the school fee's and book cost (ORC) based on each student or their school.
  2. by   deevee12
    stdjlg37 - i asked her about a change in my personal information and if it would affect the timing of the stipends and stuff. she also said that our award letter basically gives the school the "ok" to send an invoice to HRSA. So you can tell your financial aid office to send the invoice now.

    vikings203 - no problem.
  3. by   labelle777
    I won this award too, but the award letter that they said to give to the school doesn't say anything about authorizing the school to send them an invoice and doesn't give any instructions to the school whatsoever, so its confusing. Does anybody know if there is supposed to be a separate document that we give the school other than the award letter?
  4. by   deevee12
    yeah she mentioned that it wasn't a good letter but that it allows the school to invoice hrsa. she said "the school knows what to do". the address she gave me is the same address on the first page of the bulletin: 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 8-37 Rockville, Maryland 20857

    I was just going to call the fin aid office tomorrow to see if they know what to do. Or else.. I'll just wait to be contacted by the analyst. She gave me my analyst's name and contact information.
  5. by   2010NRS
    So to get this straight....
    On Nov 7th we will be receiving the stipend which is backdated for September and October and the ORC on top of that?

    Also if I have the tuition already paid through pell grants then do I need to send anything to the school? What I needed was the stipend payment.

    Thank you,
  6. by   khervey
    to answer your question, i pulled this off the hrsa scholarship 2010 bulletin
    it has pretty much all the answers you could possibly need for the most part. i have posted the link as well: http://bhpr.hrsa.gov/nursing/scholar...n/benefits.htm

    [color=#006699]defining a participant's academic school year
    all nsp scholarship contracts are for a specific year. the school year is defined as july 1 through the following june 30 during which an applicant is enrolled in a school. if, for example, a student is in a 24-month program that begins on august 3, 2009, and he/she signs contracts for 2 school years, the student will receive stipend, orc and tuition payments through june 30, 2011. funding for the extra months of the program beyond june 30, 2011, would require a request for a third year of scholarship funding, and if granted, obligates the recipient to 3 full years of service commitment. if a student is in a 24-month program that begins on may 3, 2009, and he/she signs contracts for 2 school years, the student will receive a stipend, orc and tuition payments from july 1, 2009, through june 30, 2011, or the month the recipient completes the required classes for graduation, whichever comes first.
    this basically means that for whatver months you were enrolled in school since july 1, 2009, you will receive a backdated stipend.
    in my case, i have been enrolled since may, however i won't receive a stipend for may or june, mine will begin for july. so i should receive, july, august, september, and october plus the orc payment.

    hope this helps!
  7. by   khervey
    Oh and if your tuition is paid by grants then you probably won't need to worry about having your school submit an invoice to HRSA this semester. However, if you have loans you may want to have them submit and invoice so you can send your loans back.
  8. by   labelle777
    As far as loans are concerned, HRSA wants the student to first return the loan(s) before sending the invoice. Some loans like my own are difficult to return after a certain amount of days has elapsed since it was disbursed to the school.

    Prior to applying for the scholarship, I thought from reading their website that they pay the entire tuition without factoring in other aid. That was the impression I got. Did anyone elese think the same thing?
  9. by   misslolalady
    I'm confused about the loan thing too. I already have stafford loans that have been sent to my school, and it is too late for them to be sent back. I am trying to find answers on the website and I can't find any, actually I should say, I can't find any that state who the money will go to if my loans cannot be sent back, and my school has been paid by these loans.

    This is what I found:

    Tuition and fees are paid directly to the educational institution that the scholarship recipient is attending. The Nursing Scholarship Program will pay tuition and fees for each academic term that will be completed within the academic year.

    If tuition and fees for the initial Fall term of the academic year have been paid from another source of financial aid (e.g. Pell Grant, state grants or other scholarships), pending notice of an NSP award, the school may return payments to the source of funding and then submit an invoice to the NSP for payment.

    Tuition and fees will be paid directly to the educational institution that the awardee is attending. The NSP will pay tuition and fees for each academic term that will be completed within the academic year.

    If a recipient has to take a loan to cover tuition and fees prior to receiving NSP payment, the loan is the scholar's responsibility. The Scholar is responsible for payment of the interest; Nursing Scholarship Program funds will not be awarded to cover interest charges.

    So, do they send me check to send to my lender? I am pretty confused, and I have tried on several occasions to contact my representative, but to no avail.

    Anyone have any clue?
  10. by   vikings203
    Hey guys, I heard that we should have the stipend money in our accounts tomorrow. I heard this from a friend who has been getting the hrsa scholarship since last year. She has not recieved any of her money for this new cycle yet either. Her analyst told her that she would recieve her money along with the new awardees on the 30th of October. We shall see.
  11. by   labelle777
    thanks for the info, hopefully we'll get it tomorrow.
  12. by   stdjlg37
    nothing yet, somebody report if you do, please, THANKS!
  13. by   2010NRS
    When someone gets a deposit PLEASE let us know! I am really not sure what the amount will be... From $3k to $7k LOL. Who am I to complain though. 2years payback working in a hospital which is what I would be doing anyway.