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Man! I come to work everyday with a decent attitude and sometimes there are people who absolutely make you feel like crap! These are supposed to be COWORKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it me? Or are... Read More

  1. by   boopchick
    Originally posted by MtnMan
    I went to see a band last year and the had shirts unfortunately sold out, that said "You can't make me hate myself!!"

    I wish I had that on a scrub top.
    I love that! I'm going to try to remember that one the next time I run into that kind of negativity at work.
  2. by   rebel_red
    Oh boy! So many of the aides with whom I work as a cna moan, groan, pi$$ and complain incessantly. I have found my best defense is 1) my residents...I work nocs and have the luxury of taking my time in each and every room to see that it is in "perfect shape." Many of my residents have a touch of insomnia so they love my "midnight ramblings" and visiting with them is such a pleasure. 2) A good book. Something with a title that doesn't invite conversation. This week's choice "Omens of Milleninium: The Gnosis of Angels, Dreams and Resurrection" by Harold Bloom. No best sellers at work! 3) Our RN supervisor, who lets me shadow her on rounds and uses them as a teaching tool. I also find busy work like cleaning the nutrition room, the cna room where we document anything to stay away from the ongoing gripe sessions. Of course I ain't exactly well liked. But hey I can live with that. And even in my little state of seperation I do take the time to help others with turning and changing their heavier care residents. All of this of course are my tricks as an aide, not as a lpn or rn.....I just can't stand all the personal chaos and drama my coworkers choose to manufacture to make their lives more interesting and I refuse to get involved in the petty squabbles and power issues.

  3. by   healingtouchRN
    thank goodness I can go chart in my office if I have more than one working with me.....the bickering or just loud talking gets on my nerves...I have to calm some of these worked up soul back into our orbit! I think we need a Valium Salt lick in the nurses station!!! :roll i'd take a lick Q 4 hrs whether I needed it or not, just because, I MIGHT!!!:roll
  4. by   Dayray
    Hehe probably not the best thing to do but I just tease the hell out of grumpy people. I can't help it.. I have tried but it's so much fun to piss them off.

    Nurse comes in late the other day with that *someone pee'ed in my cheerios look* and starts complaining that we have no idea what she has to deal with ...this and that... we should count the cart because she is tired and has to work nights. She was being really mean.
    I looked at her with a strait face and said, "you know I can't date you! I'm married please stop with all the flirting".

    Everyone but her busted out laughing and she gave me an icy stair LoL thought I would drop dead from the daggers flying out of her eyes. It did shut her up though and later she was fine with me. So no real harm but I keep waiting for the karma to come back on me lol I just can't help it.

    I used to work on a floor that was famous for the *****ie nurses that worked there (actually made people cry) one night the queen charge nurse of all *****'s was on a rampage tearing people to bits. She made 1 nurse cry and then turned to me and said "what the hell are you looking at don't you have something better to do?" I looked at her and couldn't help it. I said you know your face wouldn't be so wrinkly if you didn't frown so much and you really should hear yourself you sound like a donkey eeeha eeeha" lol talk about a dirty look she went off on me and called me all kinds of nasty names threatened to send me home for insubordination. I made my face look like I was really scared, let silence stand for a moment and then said "eeeha eeha" ROFL the nurse's station erupted with laughter and she stormed off. She never bothered me again but I knew she would try to get me if I gave her the chance.

    Hehe not actually recommending this approach to anyone but its fun as hell =P
  5. by   angelbear
    I lean towards a sarcastic sense of humor seems to take the wind out of their sails. That's how I handle the oncoming 1st shift now if I could only handle my shift.
  6. by   Chaya
    Yeah, bad attitiude can overtake a workplace like creepin' mildew...it will start with just one or two genuinely miserable people and suck in everyone in its path without them even realizing it-so simple awareness is your first defense and it sounds like you are already there. Keep choosing NOT to pass it along and maybe just raise some awareness among co-workers who are not yet sources generating this ****. If no-one gives it anything to feed on, it will fizzle. Good luck- working in a toxic workplace can really take it out of you.
  7. by   Joycean
    You can't change another person, only the way you react to them.
  8. by   cwazycwissyRN
    Originally posted by MtnMan
    I went to see a band last year and the had shirts unfortunately sold out, that said "You can't make me hate myself!!"

    I wish I had that on a scrub top.
    :chuckle I love it ,,,,,may add or my job, or my life, ect
    I'm glad I do not understand why people take it upon theirselves to try to make everyone around them feel like^%#&(*&%$^:imbar .....losers
  9. by   powmol
    THere is a nurse that comes in every morning and the first words out of her mouth is " I hate this f***** place! " For awhile this upset me, and finally one morning after a long night and one to many bipolar behaviors I replied "there is a nursing shortage out there, why dont you find another job if you truly hate this one so much!" I havent heard those words from her mouth since!!!!!!!