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Just finished watching "Twins By Surprise". I'm just wondering why in the world anyone would insist on having an UNASSISTED home birth these days! Just b/c someone has had 3 kids prior, it does not... Read More

  1. by   SunnyAndrsn
    My guess is she is part of the quiverfull movement, and more than likely holds beliefs that are less "crunchy" and more religious. Many Quiverfull types believe that modern medicine has been elevated by most of society as a 'false god', therefore, to be avoided. That's not to say ALL in this movement believe and strive for UC, however, many do.

    Check out the thread titled "Carri's having Twins!!" at this website for why UC is NOT a good idea. The thread is long, and the story is a train wreck...


    While I'm not opposed to homebirth, I AM opposed to unassisted childbirth. IMO a midwife (and not a lay MW) needs to be in attendence so that there is some medical oversight.

    For me personally, I would choose a midwife and delivery in a medical facility. I wouldn't WANT unnecessary intervention, but would want the safety net available.

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    She did not want a Midwife. She wanted no outside help at all. She also did not seek prenatal care. She is now pregnant with her 6th child, and will be having another unassisted home birth. She has had a sonogram (in her words) "to rule out twins". I see nothing wrong at all with having your child at home, I certainly would've loved that experience. I do however, think prenatal care is of the utmost importance. It would make me personally feel better if there was a Midwife there as well.

    I am a bit sensitive to this b/c I'm a mother to a former 24weeker d/t placenta previa, preeclampsia, and subsequent abruption. Going to the hospital saved our lives. The hardest thing I've ever done was to watch my little 1 lb. daughter on an oscillator, and being told she wasn't going to make it, over and over again.
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    I don't know they didn't state any religious reason. She just wanted to do it herself.