"Male Privilege"

  1. I am mandated by the state of florida to attend domenstic violence "education" for every license period. In most every presentation I am subject; the signs of abuse state "Male Privilege."
    The community service programming on domestic violence also proclaims there is such a privliege.

    I'd really like to know just what this means. Being a male and an RN I never quite seem to understand to what this statememt is referring.

    I'd also like to know and if I am elligible to recieve this privilege. So far, in my entire life I've never felt it, experienced it, seen it, or ever witnessed it's elusive presence.

    Please, someone enlighten me!
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  3. by   JennieBSN
    Hey Norbert...I was curious just as to what this 'privelege' is also...here's what I found on a domestic violenc info page:

    "The abuser uses "male privelege":

    The abuser treats the victim like a servant
    The abuser makes all the big decisions
    The abuser defines the role of the wife and husband
    The abuser acts like the "master" of the castle


  4. by   Zee_RN
    Just guessing here but I'm thinking "male privilege" is the term used to express the archaic thought that the male in a relationship is the primary decision-maker, the holder of the purse-strings, the owner of the female. It really has only been in recent history that women have had any choices of their own--owning land, voting, not being "owned" by their husbands or fathers. Men could freely beat their wives or daughters (or sons for that matter); it was assumed to be their right as the woman was their property--it was not illegal. I think this is what they mean by "male privilege"--there are neanderthals out there that still believe it.
  5. by   st4304
    My sister is now divorcing one of these "neanderthals". He'll be available July 10th for anyone who's into verbal abuse, low self-esteem, not being allowed to have your own money, etc.
  6. by   Q.
    Ok I realize that in probably the majority of abusive relationships, it is the male that is the abuser - however that does not mean that there aren't situations where women are just as abusive - if not physically then also mentally. I hate stereotypes. That term "male priviledge" is archaic to say the least.
  7. by   fergus51
    In actuality, the numbers for abuse are the same. Women hit men as often as men hit women, and the rate of abuse is the same in gay relationships as in straight. Men just get more PR.
  8. by   lpnandloveit1
    to fergus. men get more pr................and hit harder."Male privilege refers to thought process."I can do this because I am the man" "you have to do that because I am the man" etc.
  9. by   fergus51
    Hit harder, definitely, but that doesn't excuse women who beat their spouses. My dad (ex-cop) has been called to houses where women have knocked their husbands unconscious. Frying pans and baseball bats are just as dangerous in a woman's hands as a man's. Unfortunately no one wants to deal with this problem anymore than they want to deal with husbands who abuse their wives. It's all swept under the rug.
  10. by   lpnandloveit1
    yep fergus I agree with you. Abuse in any form or from any person is horrible and should be delt with the same way as a crimminal assualt (jail time the whole nine yards) all to often the injured person refuses to even complain the the cops and just take the beatings. Men seem to have a poblem complaining to authorities about abusing women. Maybe this is also Male Privilege thought prosess (she didn't beat me up because I'm a man),
  11. by   Norbert Holz
    Thanks for your help in determining the conotation or preception referred to as "Male Privilege." I need all the help I can get!

    I asked because I was married to a woman who: asaulted and battered me, squandered over 10K in a year, sold her car for $75 to her friend, stayed home sick 5/7 days a week (average no diagnosed illness) took vacations to new york and pensacola, moved out to live with her ex husband (while married to me) moved into an apartment on her own, charged ME WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ( because the cloths hanging bar fell on the ground when I removed my coats from the hall closet).

    During this time I was working as a CNA 60+ hours a week. Oh yes, and going to Nurseing school too! I did the laundry - "because I did it better than she did!" I had to scrounge for meals ( I'm still mot motivated to cook for just myself.) The apartment remained fairly clean because I was never really there and am quite neat. She had a Discover card with a 5K limit to shop.

    All I ever wanted was to have a family with a Dad a Mom and children. I worked quite hard at my job and in school to better my/our lives. I wanted a "stay at home Mom" for our children because I realize just how much hard work children and maintaining a home can be.

    Sure, money was tight . Do you know any wealthy CNA's or Nursing students? We NEVER went without anything we needed!

    Now she has primary residental custody of our 6 year old daughter. She has lived on Child extort ever since our daughter was 6 months old! I still need to buy my daughter all of her cloths, toys, recreation, pay for all visitation transportation costs, take her to the hospital frequently ( she suffers from dermatomyositis) and almost everything else she needs after paying $123.00 each week!

    This has become much too long and personal. Please remember my story whenever you encounter the propaganda of "Male Privilege" We are currently in the year 2001! I believe that the "Previlige" from my perspective is now female!